Autumn Career Essentials – Get involved!

Graduate recruitment is competitive and employers are increasingly interested in what else you have done – alongside your degree – to develop your skills and competencies.  A common complaint from recruiters is that students often lack the skills they need, or are unable to articulate these in a meaningful way.

The good news is that the majority of skills which employers seek are fairly generic transferable skills and as a student at the University of Leeds there are literally hundreds of things you can get involved in to help you develop the skills sought by recruiters.  Work experience is one example and you might want to look at our recent post on internships and work experience.  In addition to work experience, one of the easiest, and most enjoyable ways to develop and evidence your skills is by getting involved with the array of activities available to you right here on campus.

To help you do this, we’ve provided some starting points below, but remember you can always pop in and speak to us if you need some help identifying your skills, skills you may need to develop or additional ideas on things you could do to develop them.  Crucially, make sure you come and see us when you come to putting together a CV or application – we can help you articulate your skills and abilities in a way that is meaningful and convincing to employers.

Leeds for life

You can search for activities, projects etc by skills or by interest, both school-based and university-wide opportunities. Leeds for Life also contains a ‘Living CV‘ this is a great tool for keeping track of your skills and experience and will save you a huge amount of time when it comes to applying for jobs or internships.

Leeds University Union

Offers loads of ways to develop your skills and have fun. Their opportunities team can help you with part-time work, provide information on volunteering and their ‘Give it a Go’ sessions which enable you to try things out before committing to them.

Clubs and societies are also a great way to develop skills, meet new people and have fun and with over 300 at Leeds you’re sure to find something which interests you. Undertaking specific responsibilities within a club or society can be a great way to demonstrate your skills to a potential employer.

Find out more: LUU are organising ‘Leeds Plus‘ next Tuesday (9th October) designed specifically to help you find out more about the opportunities available to you at Leeds and the range of ways you can get involved.


A brand-new central ‘Volunteering Hub‘ website has just been released to help make it easier for you to find opportunities that suit your interests.

Find out more

To find out more about ways to develop your skills at university, or what employers are looking for, pop in and talk to us, we run a drop-in Monday-Friday between 9am and 4pm.

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