Autumn Career Essentials Series – Get a life……

……a Leeds Life in particular. Using the Leeds for Life web site for more than your personal tutorials can help you make a successful job application. How can this be? Simples. It has a section called “The Living CV”  which prompts you to not only record your activities whilst at University – well, not every single activity, obvs, but those you feel happy to share with your parents – it also prompts you to see what skills you have developed whilst doing them.

There are lots of opportunities – searchable by specific skill – which if you click on them will give you details about the opportunity as well as the skills you are likely to gain from getting involved. For example being a member of Action with LUU (organisation, interpersonal, empathy and motivation), becoming a staff/student committee member (time-management, communication, ability to analyse and synthesise information and views) or playing a sport (motivation, enthusiasm, self-discipline, teamwork). There are some short paragraphs giving evidence for the skills gained from each activity which you could use as a template for showcasing your own experiences.

Using the Living CV to keep track of everything you’re involved in at uni will make future job applications, CV writing and interviews a whole lot easier:  No more scrabbling around trying to scour your memory for examples of specific skills; you’ll have it all in one handy place on the Leeds for Life website, which you can continue to access for up to 5 years after graduation.

In fact, the Living CV does everything for you when it comes to applying for jobs apart from actually deciding what it is you want to do and completing the application. You need to come to the Careers Centre for help with that. We’re a short walk from the Union, just opposite Charles Morris Hall and are open for drop-in every week day from 9.00am to 4.00pm, no appointment needed!

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