Ignite your Spark to win £2000

Have you got what it takes to write an award winning business plan?

If you have ever thought about setting up your own business or have started a business in the last 24 months, Spark our business start up team are offering you the chance to win a top prize of £2000 for writing a business plan for your idea.

You need to be a University of Leeds Undergraduate or have graduated in the last seven years to enter.

All you have to do is summarise your business idea in no more than 1500 words using the template provided on the application form and send it in by Friday 15th February. If your business plan makes it through to the next stage you will then present your idea to a panel of expert judges from the business world to convince them that your idea is unique and extensively planned out.

For both pre-start and trading levels there are first, second and third prizes to be won of £2000, £1250 and £750 respectively.

As well as getting your hands on £2000, all winners are invited to the Award’s Ceremony and Lunch on Thursday 14th March 2013. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with business and industry professionals as well as a great experience to celebrate business start-up success from the University.

So if you have a business idea or have already started your business and would like funding to take it to the next level, download the application form or contact Rebecca Mutty on 01133435028, spark@leeds.ac.uk for more information.

If you need any help on writing a business plan or would like advice on how to start-up your own business, get in touch with our Spark team at the Careers Centre to organise a meeting with a business advisor.

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