Now is the time!

Jenny, our awesome intern who is a recent Leeds PVAC graduate, gives her tips on making the most of your time at Leeds


After being in the role of Graduate Intern at the Careers Centre for almost two months now, there are a lot of things I have learnt; not least how exciting having your own desk is! However, by far the biggest lesson I have learnt, and at the risk of sounding like I am preaching, now is the time!

Whilst at university you sit in a bubble filled with support and opportunities, which are designed to add value to your experience. Whilst some of these opportunities may also be available to you after university,  it seems infinitely more difficult to discover them once the bubble pops.

I would have described myself as an engaged student: Working for LUU since my first year, I was aware of some of the opportunities that were offered from the university and the union. However it wasn’t until after my degree when I began working for the Careers Centre that I realised the magnitude of things the University can offer its students.

This isn’t to say I wasn’t told about these opportunities, that they weren’t advertised all around campus or emailed to me regularly: I had ignored them.  So, if I was to give advice to students now to ensure they got the most from their time at Leeds it would be…

  • Take Notice  of what is being offered. I often ignored those annoying posters, flyers and people around campus who were trying to talk to me about an event or an opportunity. Luckily I must have been in a particularly good mood when I was approached and asked if I wanted to sign up to receive emails about exclusive internships, as I listened long enough to give my email, which led me to this position.
  • Read your emails and not just the emails from your lecturer informing you this week lecture has been cancelled, but those emails which update you on what is happening around campus. These may not been the most exciting emails but by instantly deleting them you could be missing out on opportunities that you might actual enjoy and find beneficial.
  •  Visit the Careers Centre.  I know I work for the Careers Centre so my opinion may be a little biased, but this is something I didn’t do until after I graduated and I was honestly surprised about how much was on offer that I had not taken advantage of.

With the rise of tuition fees it becomes more important to make the most out of your University experience. Learn what is happening around your University…

Careerweb │ Careers Centre Events │ Leeds University Union

 Leeds for Life │Volunteering opportunities

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