Careers…Making A Difference

Lauren McArthur, our Fair Liaison Officer gives her insight and advice on making the most of our upcoming ‘Careers . . Making A Difference’ event


Public sector.  Not for profit.  Charities.  Central government.  Think tanks.   Government and Politics.  Volunteering in the UK and abroad.  Teaching.  Conservation.   Companies from all of these sectors and many more will be attending  the ‘Careers…Making  A Difference’ event being held on Tuesday 5th March, 11am – 3pm, at Parkinson Court. As the title suggests this is an ideal event for you to attend if you’re looking to enter a business sector that ‘gives something back’.

Lots of students, regardless of their degree subject know that the key thing they are looking for in a future job is a feeling that they are making a difference, to an individual, a community or even on a global scale. Personally this is a key driver for me too.  Working at the Careers Centre in the employer liaison team allows me to showcase such a broad range of potential employers to you as a student or graduate giving you a great opportunity to help you find that perfect career!

If these sectors are on your agenda, and you’ve already started doing your research, you’ll be fully aware that whilst they offer high job satisfaction, paid opportunities can be highly competitive and the ability to network is key to your career development.  In light of this, this year the ‘Careers Making A Difference Event’ will showcase:

1)    Organisations who have graduate schemes and vacancies.

2)    Organisations who have volunteer opportunities

3)    Organisations who may not have vacancies at this time but are experts in their field and want to pass on their knowledge and experience to you.

To give you an idea of the range, the Civil Service HR Fast Stream want to speak to you about their graduate schemes.  Neuro Partners have Leeds based vacancies ranging from admin to mental health support.  Cancer Research are looking for volunteers throughout the UK.  The Houses of Parliament Outreach Service are here to give you information on the range of career avenues you could go down with politics and the best ways to get into them.

In addition. 6 of the attending organisations will also be holding presentations to tell you more about what they can offer:

  • Neuro Partners will be discussing their Leeds vacancies
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will talk about their volunteering internships
  • Government Operational Outreach Service (GORS) will give top tips on their graduate scheme
  • Houses of Parliament Outreach Service  will give you some fantastic sector information
  • Leeds City College are giving the low down on adult/community teaching as a career
  • Leeds Met University will talk about Occupational Therapy as a career.

These will be short ten minute presentations located in Parkinson Court seminar rooms and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions following each one.

Booking for the event is not required, however, please do put your name down on our events system if you hope to attend one of the presentations. Here you will also find the full attending exhibitor list with link to all the vacancies and opportunities associated with them.

To make the most of this event it is important that you do some preparation before you attend:

1)    Understand the sector

Crucial for this fair is not only understanding the sectors, but also understanding that not all organisations have a steady stream of current vacancies.  Getting into some of these sectors takes time, flexibility and a lot of willingness to support on a voluntary basis. Ask the people attending from each organisation how they got their role, find out the steps they took – Be curious and take note!!

 2)    Work out who you want to meet

Using the link above, make a note of the organisations you are especially keen to speak to.  Do further research using their direct websites.  By researching the organisation and their current sector related issues, the organisation will see you have spent time thinking about them as a business before attending.

3)    Further information

If applicable, make sure you have fully researched the vacancies and opportunities for each organisation you are particularly interested in.   This information is readily available via the above link to the event website.

4)    Know what you are going to say

Have some key questions for each organisation ready to help you get the information you require quickly.  They’ll want to talk to you in detail about their organisation and how they work, so having researched and thought of questions will help you with this!

Most of all – enjoy yourself!  This is a great fair to highlight the range of opportunities available and gain access to some key contacts for your future career development. Follow our tips and you should come away with plenty of ideas and inspiration to start you off on a fulfilling career that really can make a difference!

If you wanted to speak to someone about preparation or ideas before Tuesday, come along to a drop-in session at the Careers Centre, 9-4pm Monday to Friday.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 5th March – Best of Luck!!

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