What does the graduate job market have in store for 2013?

Watching the news or looking on the internet, you could be forgiven for thinking that it is all doom and gloom for the graduate job market. Stripping back all the media hype, Barrie Grey our Careers Resources and Market Intelligence  Coordinator, analysed a recent Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) report to find out what is really in store for the graduate job market in 2013.


 So let’s start with some good news

According to the leading recruiters graduate vacancies are set to rise by almost 9% in 2013, the number of graduate vacancies actually dropped in 2012 by 8%. So what has changed? Well, many of the leading graduate recruiters are feeling more certain about the economy and the areas of their business that they want to grow. In order to do this they need to recruit more graduates.

There is good news on salary too, after a rise of 4% last year the average graduate salary is expected to rise by another 2% to £26500.

So what job sectors are going to see the biggest increases?

The 3 biggest increases will be seen in Construction (+78%), Transport and logistics (+41%) and Energy and utilities (+30%).

Some areas of work are still likely to see a fall in graduate vacancies including Accountancy (-2%), Law (-3%) and Banking (-28%)

This doesn’t tell the whole story.

Despite many sectors increasing the areas that will still offer the most graduate vacancies are likely to be Accountancy, the Public Sector and Retail.

If you are looking to secure a graduate job with one of the leading recruiters you will also have to think about location. Over 42% of vacancies will be in London compared with 4% in Yorkshire and Humberside.

So what should you do?

  • Make sure that you have the skills employers want. Surprisingly many graduate recruiters do not fill all their vacancies and a common reason is applicants who do not demonstrate the skills they are looking for.
  • Get some work experience. Over 60% of graduate recruiters will not consider applications without work experience.
  • Plan ahead. Think about who you would like to work for, how many vacancies they have and where in the country they are.
  • Get some advice. Use the careers centre to help you find work and make the best application you can.

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