What employers do for us…

Jenny, our intern, gives us an insight into how employers are attracting new recruits.

Spending the last few weeks promoting and advertising the Yorkshire Graduate Recruitment Fair I have learnt a lot about the 110 organisations that are attending, including what lengths they go to to attract new graduates and students. Using many novel ways, employers are trying to attract the best of us to apply for their graduate schemes and placements.

Here are just a few examples of what they are doing to grab our attention:

  • Careers fairs
  • Social media competitions
  • Twitter vending machine
  • Life sized model elephant
  • Sponsoring societies and events
  • Offering boot-camps and away trips

But why do they go to such lengths to attract so many of us? Why are they not happy with just those applicants who have always shown an interest in their organisation?

From talking to employers it seems they are struggling to attract a diverse range of students. Many organisations can be pigeonholed by potential employees presuming they only accept a certain degree type or only have a particular opportunity, when quite often they have roles that are much broader than students presume and require graduates from a range of degree disciplines.

A prime example of this would be RBS: I recently attended a conference at their offices in Manchester, and I was surprised to learn that despite being a bank they were hoping for more applicants from faculties such as Arts. They were also keen to highlight that their opportunities were not just in banking, but they also had graduate jobs in areas such as HR and IT.  The day was spent thinking of more ways they could attract those students who are unaware of their roles and opportunities.

I suppose the message I am trying to relay is that there are a lot of opportunities out there that are missed by so many of us because we have presumed it is not for us. With companies going out of their way to attract our attention, my advice would be to pay attention and take two more minutes to learn about what they are offering.  You never know those two minutes could lead you to your future career.

Yorkshire Graduate Recruitment Fair – Wednesday 5th June at the Edge

Employers are coming from across the UK to network with students and explain the roles they have available, hoping to attract those who don’t already know about their positions. To learn more about the Fair please visit the website.

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