How I tackle job hunting

Jenny, our intern, gives some tips and advice about job hunting and how she tackles it.

With just less than two months left in my role as Graduate Intern at the Careers Centre I have begun the task of job hunting and like most people I dread it. To me job hunting is an epic task which I often have no motivation for. However this time round I have an advantage, I just so happen to work with people who specialise in student and graduate careers.

So what have I learnt that changes the way I tackle the dreaded job hunt?

Be creative about your job search

I admittedly have never looked very far for a job, using the generic job sites to look for roles or signing up to receive daily emails about opportunities. Although I do have a great role now because of this traditional job search there are other ways to search for your dream career.

For example I spend a lot of time on social media, especially twitter, following companies I would like to work for and doing regular searches with keywords. I often see jobs advertised on social media before anywhere else. This is also much more fun than the traditional method.

For more information about a creative job search visit our webpage.

Create a skills audit

This is not as complicated as it sounds. Creating this simple 3 column table will ensure that you know what transferable skills you have and it allows you to make sure your CV is representative of what you can do.

For example my dissertation was a project that demonstrated skills that I could have included on my CV that I had never considered including before.




Dissertation ResearchCommunicationAttention to detailProblem SolvingMotivation Interviewing survey participants

When broken down into these sections I can then use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action and Result) to better explain my skills..

Research:  Whilst studying for my degree I was required to write a dissertation, carrying out my own secondary research using many resources, including journals, websites and surveys, and collating the information to provide a clear and encouraging argument. My theory was well argued and I received a high 2:1 for my final paper.

By creating a skills audit of all the things you have done, you can easily adapt your CV to meet the job description of the role you are applying for and ensure that your skills are highlighted clearly.

Have a plan

One of the bests bits of advice I have found for keeping myself motivated is to set myself targets and time to look and apply for roles. I would love to get  my dream job with little effort but the truth is getting a job which I want and will enjoy takes time, energy and a lot of hard work.  By setting small targets I can break down the job hunt to smaller less scary pieces and am able to see a positive progression.

Good luck job hunting.


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3 responses to “How I tackle job hunting

  1. Alan Duval

    Interesting article. However, it should read: “…I have begUn the task of job hunting…” 😉

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