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Exclusive employer insights in 10 minutes

Our current graduate intern, Jenny Wetherill, provides you with some tips on using the advanced features of our exclusive vacancy, events and employer database.

As you may know the Careers Centre has an exclusive online vacancy site for University of Leeds students and graduates.  The site advertises graduate jobs, work experience and funded postgraduate opportunities as well our exclusive employer events.

But this amazing resource isn’t just for advertising opportunities for all levels and disciplines; it also contains insightful information on those employers who are interested in the talented pool of students Leeds has to offer.

The valuable information found on the system has been collected from years of interactions Continue reading


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Love Leeds and can’t bear to leave? Here’s how to stay with a paid graduate internship

Dr. Steve Carter, one of our Career Consultants, outlines the Leeds Internship Programme: Graduate Internships and how you can get involved.

If you have just graduated and are thinking of staying in Leeds but are unsure of your options, you might want to consider an internship on our Leeds Internship Programme.  Starting in October, these paid 12-week internships with local Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) are exclusively for University of Leeds graduates Continue reading

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Just graduated and got a job? Share your wisdom to help other Leeds students

Mortor boardsIf this is you – double congratulations!  We hope you enjoyed celebrating your graduation and we would love to hear from you if you might be interested in writing a short blog post for us.  We have been building up a series of blog posts called “How I got my job”. These are posts from Leeds students and graduates sharing their experiences of securing an internship or graduate job.

We consistently hear from students that one of the things they find most helpful is hearing from fellow students and recent graduates about their experiences and learning points in securing their jobs Continue reading

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Networking – how to do it and how to make the most of it

When thinking about networking, many people may think of it in a professional context but you probably network a lot in your personal life also.  So for example, meeting someone and talking to them about something you like and sharing this information with them is networking. Essentially networking is about gathering information and building a relationship and rapport with another person.  In relation to the professional context, this could help to develop knowledge and opportunities within sectors, organisations and specific job roles.  Continue reading

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How I got my job: Business and Sales Support (Retail) Placement

imagePaul Levy has just completed the second year of his Management degree and will be spending the next year on an industrial placement with IBM. In this post, he shares his experiences and reflections of the process of securing a placement with one of the top 100 graduate recruiters. Continue reading

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The secret to your success? How professional bodies and learned societies can help you!

Professional associations and learned societies provide a wealth of knowledge, opportunities and general helpfulness in career terms for students and recent graduates, yet in my experience, are probably also the least-tapped resource. In this post I will outline what they are as well as some of the ways they can help you.

Professional Bodies & Associations

Professional bodies or associations are representative bodies for specific professional sectors or careers.  Some may also serve as a regulatory body for the profession. In some professions it is essential to be a member Continue reading


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How I got my job: Marketing Assistant Placement

Catherine Smith has just completed the 2nd year of her Geography degree at Leeds and will be spending next year on an industrial placement with RMP Enterprise. Here she shares her experiences of securing the placement and advice for fellow students looking for placements

From August I will be one of five interns starting work at RMP Enterprise, the company behind RateMyPlacement – an online tool which advertises placement years for students alongside student written reviews.

What I’ll be doing

My role as a marketing assistant involves a number of different aspects. Firstly it is about increasing awareness of RMP Enterprise and what it can offer students. This will be done through social media, attending university careers fairs and organising competitions to get people engaged with the company. Specifically, I will also be responsible for the recruitment of the next year’s interns.

Finding the placement Continue reading

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Work experience for undergraduates

Are you an undergraduate and thinking about getting work experience over the summer but afraid that it’s too late? Don’t worry because there are still things you could get involved in to help you develop your skills over the summer and there are plenty of opportunities available.

In this post we will highlight some quick ideas of where to look for work experience and how to find it:

  • Speculative applications

A lot of vacancies are not advertised, so there is an advantage to approaching an organisation off your own back. If you approach an organisation yourself, it already demonstrates that you have knowledge of them and you actually want to work for them.  You can also highlight exactly how much experience you would like with the organisation and if it’s a large company, you can highlight if you would like experience in specific areas of that company. Check out our website for full details of how to apply speculatively. Continue reading

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