Work experience for undergraduates

Are you an undergraduate and thinking about getting work experience over the summer but afraid that it’s too late? Don’t worry because there are still things you could get involved in to help you develop your skills over the summer and there are plenty of opportunities available.

In this post we will highlight some quick ideas of where to look for work experience and how to find it:

  • Speculative applications

A lot of vacancies are not advertised, so there is an advantage to approaching an organisation off your own back. If you approach an organisation yourself, it already demonstrates that you have knowledge of them and you actually want to work for them.  You can also highlight exactly how much experience you would like with the organisation and if it’s a large company, you can highlight if you would like experience in specific areas of that company. Check out our website for full details of how to apply speculatively.

  • Leeds Internship Programme

There are still some vacancies with our paid Leeds Internship Programme. This programme is open to first, second and penultimate year students at the University of Leeds. These internships are available in businesses, charities and university departments within the Leeds area. There will be support available to you from the Careers Centre throughout the application process. To find current Leeds Internship Programme opportunities visit our exclusive jobs database and under ‘Advanced Search’ select ‘Vacancy Tag(s): Leeds Internship Programme’

  • Summer Internships

There are also internships advertised throughout the UK with other organisations and there are still vacancies with some of these companies. To find current summer internships opportunities visit our exclusive jobs database and under ‘Advanced Search’ select ‘Vacancy Tag(s): Internship-Summer.’

  • Volunteering

It’s not too late to get involved with volunteering opportunities. This is also a great way to develop both your work experience and skills and there are volunteering opportunities throughout the country. Another benefit of volunteering is that you could continue it when you return to University.  You can approach charities and non-profit organisations – many are keen to get new volunteers on board. For further information on volunteering, check out our website.

  • Twitter and LinkedIn

Be a little bit creative about your search for work experience. You can search for hash tags on Twitter without even having a Twitter account. For example a recent search on #internship brought up lots of relevant opportunities and some organisations may only be advertising their opportunities on social media. Likewise use LinkedIn for an internship search – to do this, click on the jobs tab at the top of the screen and then type in summer internships in the search icon bar. For further information on using social media to search for jobs, check out our website.

  • Part-time work

Part-time work is also a great way to develop your skills. During the summer time, many organisations will need extra staff and so will be advertising vacancies. Keep an eye on shop/bar windows and check out your local newspapers for part-time opportunities. Also check out Joblink at the Union for relevant vacancies.

Good luck with finding that work experience!

Remember we are here to help throughout your search for work experience and opportunities and we are open throughout the summer. Just call into our drop-in or contact us over e-guidance.

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