Exclusive employer insights in 10 minutes

Our current graduate intern, Jenny Wetherill, provides you with some tips on using the advanced features of our exclusive vacancy, events and employer database.

As you may know the Careers Centre has an exclusive online vacancy site for University of Leeds students and graduates.  The site advertises graduate jobs, work experience and funded postgraduate opportunities as well our exclusive employer events.

But this amazing resource isn’t just for advertising opportunities for all levels and disciplines; it also contains insightful information on those employers who are interested in the talented pool of students Leeds has to offer.

The valuable information found on the system has been collected from years of interactions with organisations who have been involved with our University and have shown an interest in the students who attend.

But why is this information valuable and how can it help us on our career path?

The way the system is designed enables you to learn about those companies which meet you specific criteria.  For example if you wanted to know if there were any organisations which have…

  1. Buying, Selling or Retailing work
  2. With current vacancies
  3. In  London

….you could use our advanced search to discover these organisations

STARS Employer screengrab jenny 1

Each company will have a profile detailing who they are and what they offer. If we look at Sainsbury’s as an example, not only can I see a description of the company I can also learn…

  1. Vacancies they have open now
  2. Events on and around campus
  3. Files on previous application processes (Note: We regularly visit employers and speak to them about what they look for.  This section is also where you will find reports from any such visits where available).
  4. Register an interest in any future opportunities, and any other useful information we have available

STARS Employer screengrab jenny 2

By doing this simple advance search I could have:

  • Registered and interest with the company and received updates on any upcoming positions
  • Booked on to an event they are running on campus or
  • Applied for a vacancy they are advertising

Whilst not all entries may be as detailed as Sainsbury’s, the information is specific to the company and their graduate recruitment opportunities, as well as being tailored to the criteria you have selected.  This can be particularly useful if you are considering speculative enquires as it gives you an idea of what the organisation might have offered before. Plus they have already shown an interest University of Leeds students!

Can you really afford not spend 10 minutes on such a fruitful activity?

We update the employer information all the time, as well as adding new ones in, so it is important to keep an eye out for any new additions to the company profiles. The most time effective away to do this is to add a company to your ‘shortlist’. This means that you can quickly access the information on your profile and keep an eye for any new things that may be added.

STARS Employer screengrab jenny 3

With a tailored search, exclusive opportunities and extra employer information this vacancy system is an indispensable resource when moving along your career path, so get using it by visiting http://stars.leeds.ac.uk and logging in with your university username and password.

For further help and information with this system visit our information page.


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3 responses to “Exclusive employer insights in 10 minutes

  1. Karl

    I believe the second to last link should point to https://stars.leeds.ac.uk/ instead of https://stars.ac.uk/

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