Universities Business Challenge 2013/14

Do you want to improve your employability skills?

Or perhaps you’re a budding entrepreneur?

How does a cash prize of £1000 sound?

We might have just the competition for you! 

Last year the University of Leeds Careers Centre sponsored 3 teams to enter the UK-wide Universities Business Challenge (UBC), and one team of Engineering students made it to the semi-final! We are doing the same again this year, so this is your chance to try to make it even further in the competition. 

What is it?

The UBC is a nationwide competition which essentially sees teams become the board of directors for a realistic, simulated business over the course of a few months. Now, although this may seem like a large commitment, really the time commitment is very reasonable; two hours per week for the first couple of weeks and just one hour per week thereafter. The competition is open to students from all degree disciplines and students are required to enter in teams of up to five.

The challenge is split in to three rounds:

  • Round One: Mid October – End of November.
    This round takes place online. Teams are given details of the business in a comprehensive starter pack. The teams will then work as consultants, making the vital decisions that are needed to ensure the company’s success. Decisions will be submitted online weekly and each week represents six months of trading time.
  • Round Two: Semi-finals.
    The top teams from Round One will go through to the semi-finals which run live over one day at regional locations. The dates of these live semi-finals are scheduled for February/March 2014 and will be confirmed during round one.
  • Round Three: Final.
    This is another live one day event which is scheduled for late March 2014 and will be held at IBM UK, London. 

Why take part?

UBC is an unmissable opportunity which provides participants with lots of very important employability skills as well as the chance to develop their existing skills. These skills include commercial awareness, communication, team-building and presentation skills and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Obviously this is a massive benefit and could help you to successfully secure a placement, internship or even graduate job. Another reason to participate are the cash prizes for the top three teams; 3rd prize £250; 2nd prize £500 and 1st prize £1,000.

How do I enter?

To enter simply get together a team of up to five students and send an email to Jessica Henderson (j.e.henderson@leeds.ac.uk) by 8th October 2013 at the latest. In your email you should include the names and courses of all members of the team, as well as your reasons for wanting to enter and what you hope to gain from the competition.

We will then be holding a selection event during the 2nd or 3rd week of October to select the three teams that will represent the University of Leeds.

Where can I find more information?


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