Excuse to Breakfast – Is this the project for you?

Fancy developing your employability skills and at the same time meet with potential employers?

Would you like to help create more local jobs and internships for University of Leeds students?


If you answered yes to all of the above then this could be for you.“Excuse to Breakfast” is an opportunity for you to enhance your networking skills by engaging local employers to attend two breakfast networking events in semester 2. You will work in a team with other students, to research the local labour market and find an industry which is of interest to you. You will then be trained to approach organisations within that industry and invite them to a breakfast networking event. The event will be set up by yourselves (with our support and expertise) so not only will you develop great communication and interpersonal skills but you’ll also be able to demonstrate a proficiency in event management!

As well as these, you will also develop the following skills:

  • Self belief and confidence in one’s own ability to influence decisions and outcomes.
  • The ability to take responsibility and/or provide direction for a team.
  • Awareness and understanding of business, commercial and/or social issues and opportunities and the expectations of prospective employers.
  • Motivation, drive and enthusiasm.
  • The ability to respond sensitively and appropriately to the needs of different stakeholders and  circumstances
  • The ability to identify and define problems and evaluate the merits of particular solutions
  • To analyse information, synthesise views, make connections and, where appropriate, propose creative solutions.

Here’s what some of the past participants said about the project:

“This opportunity has proved hugely valuable, in terms of experience and professional development. I have used this work in a subsequent interview and they were impressed! It encompasses a lot of different skills that are unobtainable solely through an academic degree. Working with like-minded people on a project such as this has built up my team work and leadership skills as well. Overall though, I have more confidence in the professional environment and a better idea of what industry sector I want to enter once I graduate.”

“A great team to work with (students and staff) and a great professional aspect to the project. Invaluable training so you’re not thrown in at the deep end”

Also check out our blog post from one of last year’s participants, Sarah Johns. Find out how her involvement with “Excuse to Breakfast” helped her to secure a summer internship.

If you’re interested in this opportunity and would like to apply, check it out on Leeds for Life. Please note the deadline for applications has now been extended until midnight on the 29th October 2013.

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