Employer Events – why come?

Ever wondered why coming along to employer events at the Careers Centre is a good idea? In this blog post Hannah Delamore explains how attending employer led events helped her secure an industrial placement year! 


A little bit about me

Hi, I’m Hannah Delamore and I’m a 4th year Accounting and Finance student. Over the past year I have completed an industrial placement at Grant Thornton, an audit, tax and advisory firm, within the audit department. I really enjoyed my placement at the firm and look forward to returning there after graduation.

My Experience

Two years ago I was in the position where I was looking for a year placement and was unsure of which firm I wanted to work for and what area I wanted to work in. I attended the Autumn Graduate Jobs and Internships Fair and researched lots of different companies but was still unsure. I decided therefore to attend careers events, as advertised on the Careers Centre website to gain further insight into what type of company I might want to work for.

During the first couple of months of second year, I attended numerous careers events – from events put on by the Careers Centre, such as the ‘Insight into Accountancy’ to events hosted by companies themselves, including EY Live, PWC’s careers evening and Grant Thornton’s pizza night.

How events helped me

1)    Attending events helped me to decide which companies I felt I would fit in well with; I was able to interpret the culture of the companies and decide whether this was the type of environment I wanted to work in. I feel this is important for everyone as you don’t want to realise that you don’t like the feel of a company once you’ve already signed a contract, especially if you could have signed a contract for a company which you’d have had a good fit with.

2)    Secondly, I also feel it led directly to helping me secure a placement year. By attending graduate events, my face and name were recognised by the graduate recruitment team, and they knew I was enthusiastic about the company from my attendance at these events. As the competition for graduate jobs is so high, a lot of recruiters feel that they want to know the person they are recruiting before they offer them a contract. By attending Grant Thornton’s events I felt that I fit in well with the team and their culture at the firm.

Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton stood out to me because of how they treated the people they worked for; I got the impression that they cared about their employees and gave them a lot of support – something which they demonstrated further during my placement. I feel that if I hadn’t attended their event I would not have gained a true insight into the company which led to my application.

To conclude, I could not recommend attendance at employer events more. Employer events are a great way for both yourself and the company to decide whether you are the right person to work there – it’s also a great place to network even if you end up accepting a contract elsewhere.

We organised nearly 200 events this semester alone and there are still more to come. Find details of all of our events on our STARS website!


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