My Christmas holiday application plan

In the next post from our student contributor, Rebekah Billingham, we find out how she is hoping to make the most of her Christmas holidays.

CVIt’s the end of my first term and I’m just days away from swapping the hectic routine of uni life to the happy chaos of Christmas at home. If I’m honest, I’ve been too caught up with final assignments to think about internship applications for next Summer. But now that I’m reminded of it, I’ve come up with a new strategy to avoid getting too stressed.

Seeing the big picture
In the last few weeks, I’ve discovered the value and importance of making schedules, even if they are very loosely put together. I’m learning to take stock of what I’m supposed to do, and dividing it into stages that fit into a particular time frame.

Instead of seeing it all looming up in my face and feeling overwhelmed, thinking I have to do it all at once, it gives me a chance to take things one step at a time. This significantly reduces the pressure.

So how can I apply this to looking and applying for work experience?

Phase one
Well, first things first: Many work experience opportunities will require a CV. The Careers Centre website has loads of tips and advice on how to construct a CV that will catch the eye of potential employers, including sample ones. I plan to spend a week revamping my CV so I’ll have a strong base from which I can use to adapt and tailor it to individual applications.

Phase two
Once that’s out of the way, I’ll move on to researching companies I may want to intern for, searching for relevant opportunities. The outcome of this will be a bullet point list of the ones I’m interested in, along with deadlines. I’ll try and dedicate about a week to this before moving onto phase three.

Phase three
At this point, I’ll be starting to fill in application forms and tailor my CV to individual companies. When I’ve done a few, it’ll be time for a trip to the Careers Centre so that an advisor can check them over and suggest improvements and alterations.

Added benefits
Also, planning your next move in a structured and organised manner is developing those all-important organisational and time management skills which are essential for all roles. This could be something to incorporate into a CV, as it would demonstrate good planning and strategic initiative.

If you need help with anything mentioned above or any other career related query, remember to use our drop-in.

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