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Beginners guide to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL): Part 2

Here’s the second of our two-part Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) guide. Careers Adviser Laura Blackledge looks at how to ensure you pick the write TEFL course for you.

When researching TEFL courses you may find a number of different acronyms used, but what do they mean and which option is right for you? There are no hard and fast rules as to which course you must take. With many options available it’s important to research and make sure the course suits you and your situation. Look back at our first post to think about what factors you should consider when choosing your course.

Initial TEFL qualifications can range from a practical 20-hour weekend course to 100-hours of online TEFL training: Continue reading

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Beginners guide to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL): Part 1

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) whether abroad or in the UK is a popular choice for many students and can be a great way of developing much sought after skills like communication and cultural awareness. TEFL involves teaching English to students whose first language is not English. This 2-part guide, written by Careers Adviser Laura Blackledge, should provide the information you will need when considering whether TEFL is for you.

In part one we will look at key factors to consider if you are interested in TEFL. Next week, in part two, we will consider the different qualification options open to you Continue reading

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How volunteering led to my ideal job

Rachel Wylie has just finished her BA in Geography at the University of Leeds. Here she explains how her involvement in volunteering throughout university not only helped her discover her passion, but also helped her land a job after graduation.

Rachel Wylie

Volunteering has opened so many doors for me through my time at university, and has led me directly into an incredible job as a women’s outreach worker; here is how it happened.

I got involved in fundraising during my second year of university when a friend decided to start her own charity group for women in the criminal justice system. This was totally out of the blue but she asked me to get involved and so I found some time alongside my studies Continue reading

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How my first year at uni helped my career ideas

Student blogger Rebekah Billingham reflects on her first year of university

With my first year under my belt, it’s a time to reflect on what I’ve achieved and how I’ve developed regarding careers and where my degree will take me beyond university.

When embarking on some new endeavor in life, we all have a picture in our head of how we think it’ll turn out – but the reality is always, to varying degrees, different in one way or another. The biggest thing I have learned from being a fresher is not to expect too much from yourself when just starting out. Yes, it’s good to aim high, but if you put too much pressure on yourself to reach a certain level by a certain time, you may feel disappointed in yourself if you’re not able, in reality, to become the embodiment of high-flying success you imagined yourself becoming. I know I was, in a way, but looking back now I can see that I did come a long way even if it does look a little bit different from the image I had of myself at first.

Here’s some of the steps of progress I’ve made since arriving at Leeds Continue reading

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