Prepare for the Law Fair

Careers Fairs allow students to meet a range of employers and learn what they are looking for in their future employees. If you are undecided about a career, they are an opportunity to explore and learn more about your options. If you have already decided on a career, meeting with employers at the fair enables you to gain further information about that organisation which can really make a difference in your application.
Chances are that the recruiter you meet at the fair will be involved in recruiting you so it is really important to make a great first impression. We run several ‘Preparing for the Careers Fair’ skills sessions throughout the year. Our next session is focussed on ‘Prepare for the Law Fair’ and will be held on Wednesday 29th October at the Careers Centre. In this post Careers Adviser Laura Blackledge provides useful information on how to make the most of the Law Fair

Research – find out who is attending by visiting the events page on STARS . As there are 37 different law firms attending the fair it is unlikely you will be able to spend quality time with all of them. Instead make a list of law firms you are most interested in and focus on them. If you are able to talk knowledgeably about the law firm you are applying to you will stand out. For example, make sure you know which areas of law they practice, any changes in the organisation or in the legal sector which may affect them. Avoid asking them questions where the answer can be found on their website.
Practice – Career Fairs can be very busy. Approximately 3,700 students attended the Autumn Graduate Jobs and Internships Fair. Speaking to an employer can be a little daunting. Build up your confidence by approaching the organisations you are least interested in first. That way you can overcome your nerves and become more comfortable with talking to employers before you speak to your preferred law firm.
Impress – Make sure you are dressed appropriately. You do not have to wear a suit (unless you want to) but will help to make a better first impression that what you went out in last night! The recruiters may ask for a copy of your CV so make sure you have had yours checked at the Careers Centre. We also have useful information on CVs here Also, ask the recruiters for their business card so you can mention them in your covering letter or application. Be enthusiastic when talking to them and try to find out as much about working for their organisation as you can.

For further information please visit the post on the Autumn Careers Fair along with posts on careers in law
Enjoy the fair!

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