Video interviews

Video Interviews
In this blog Carrieanne Haynes of Pendragon discusses why employers use video interview.

Pre-recorded video interviewing is becoming increasingly popular amongst Graduate Recruiters, but why is this? It’s hard enough to interview face-to-face, let alone in front of a camera and record yourself!

In all honesty video interviews, arguably, give you more chance to secure your dream job as they provides the opportunity to paint a bigger picture of yourself, particularly though body language.

Video interviews offer complete flexibility. It takes a few seconds for an employer to send out a link for you to complete in your own time. No telephones, scheduled dates, times, and the interview can be completed from the comfort of your home. It’s great for different time zones as well.
Candidates are familiar with using the technology. Skype, FaceTime and BBM are commonly used to communicate therefore you already have some experience under your belt!

We can replay the video interview back as many times as we want and seek other professional opinions to make sure the right decision is made. During face to face and telephone interviews, key information could be missed by a recruiter. It is quite a challenge to write verbatim notes! By recording your answers we can ensure your whole answer is reviewed and scored adequately.

It also guarantees a standardised interview experience. The Video Screening system generates the same type of question for each candidate, gives set times to read each question and your answers are timed too.

Finally, the time and cost to use video interviewing is considerably reduced. There are a significant amount of logistical factors which goes into organising telephone/face to face interviews such diary management, candidate availability, extra equipment, room availability etc. To conduct these types of interviews in the initial stages of the recruitment process is not considered to be the best use of an employer’s time. The time and cost of video interview is also reduced from a candidate’s perspective to as you do not need to spend time and money travelling to an interview.

I will certainly continue to use video interview screening and I’m very keen to run continuous workshops to give students insight into this method of assessment. There are also plenty of hints and tips available to students to stand out from the crowd and make the best impression. Please speak to your Careers Service, or you can check out our Facebook page “Pendragon People” for further advice.


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