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Youth and Community sector: Panel event summary

On the 11th March 2015 we ran the Public Affairs and Community Engagement (PACE) Panel Event. The event brought together representatives from a range of sectors into themed panel sessions to provide insights and advice on the sector.  The sectors covered were; Youth & Communities, Social Work, Charities, Parliament & Public Affairs and International Development.  Over the next few weeks we will be providing a summary of each of these panel sessions on the blog, beginning today with Youth and Communities.

What is the Youth and Communities sector?

This is a broad sector encompassing any organisation supporting youth and communities, whether this is through police work, housing, employment or project work.  Ultimately, these organisations work to make communities safe, promote trust between members and encourage engagement at all levels Continue reading

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What is LinkedIn? An introduction for students and graduates


We were recently approached by some students from the Business school who produce a newsletter – e-Financial – which aims to help keep students up to date with the latest business news.  They asked for an interview about LinkedIn to include in the first edition of their newsletter.  As these questions were posed by students, we thought this feature might also be of interest to other students so are re-publishing their article here with their permission.  You can find out more about e-financial, including ways to contribute and sign up to their newsletter, on their Facebook page

1. What is networking and how does it benefit your career?

A simple definition of a network in this context, provided by is

“A group of people who exchange information and contacts for professional or social purposes:”

So networking simply means interacting with your network to exchange information and contacts. It is especially useful to notice the use of the word ‘social’ in this definition.  Networking is something we all do everyday, whenever we interact with anyone else. Networking in career terms Continue reading

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How I got my job: Trainee Patent Attorney

Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith is a final year PhD student, studying Medical and Biological Engineering, and has just secured a training contract with Urquhart-Dykes and Lord LLP, at their Leeds office. In this post she outlines how she found out about the profession and secured her role

Career inspiration

With a year to go of my PhD, I started investigating new career paths, after deciding continuing in research and academia wasn’t for me. I attended a University of Leeds Careers Centre conference, ‘Gown to Town: Alternatives to an academic career’, and whilst there heard a talk by a patent attorney Continue reading


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So you want a career in social media?

The Art of Social Media by mkhmarketing on Flickr

CC-BY  The Art of Social Media by mkhmarketing on Flickr

Last week Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones delivered a really insightful session for students interested in careers in social media.  Lisa shared her experiences of recruiting recent graduates to social media roles as well as some great tips and advice for those interested in this career area.

  1. Sort yourself out online

If you are serious about working in social media, then you need to have a good online presence yourself.  Make yourself accessible and approachable in the places recruiters will likely be looking for the ‘professional’ you, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter. Plus bear in mind that many recruiters will check applicants out online.  Lisa referenced one study in which 82% of employers last year admitted to checking out online profiles before making a hiring decision. To quote Lisa Continue reading

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