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How I got my job: Film Producer

Jonny PatersonJonny Paterson graduated with a degree in English Literature and History (Joint Honours) in 2010.  He recently gave a great interview to Pam Stucky for Huffington Post about life as a Film Producer and how he got in.  The interview is well worth a read if this is something you’re interested in and you can do so here.

In addition to this, we also asked Jonny for his top tips for other students or graduates interested in film production. Here’s what he had to say:

Get an internship

My first two jobs in the entertainment world were internships where I was essentially an assistant to an assistant! Not the most fun job in the world, but undeniably beneficial to me in that they taught me about company politics, expectation levels, how to communicate with industry professionals etc. They were also great networking platforms that led me to meet a lot of people I still talk to and work with today.

Consider post-graduate opportunities

Following my degree at Leeds, I studied a Masters at Carnegie Mellon University, which introduced me to a lot of the technical and formal intricacies associated with the film world. I learned a lot about the economics of the industry and how the various different strands (TV, film, video games, theatre, sport etc) correlate with each other. It is a very insular industry that has it’s own ‘language’ and learning that before immersing yourself in it, could help expedite your career and help you really grasp opportunities from those you are up against. Post-grad opportunities are also a good way to ease you in to the harsh realities of trying to hustle in Hollywood, which I found to be no bad thing.

Network, network, network

The film industry is so much about ‘who you know’ and the only way to know anyone is to get out there and meet them. Being pro-active in sourcing networking opportunities is one of the best uses of your spare time. Preparation for those events is also key; have business cards ready and be able to talk about who you are and what you’d like to do pretty much on command. We call it an elevator pitch in ‘Hollywood’ and it’s essential to start practicing yours as soon as possible.

Remember, we are here to help you whatever your future ambitions – or even if you need help figuring them out.  Talk to us to find out how we can help you.

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How I started my own digital marketing business

Rebecca CoupeRebecca Coupe graduated with a BA (Hons) in Theology and Religious Studies in 2011 and has since gone on to set up a successful online marketing business; Infinity Digital.

When it came to applying to University I had absolutely no idea what career I wanted to pursue or what subject to choose to “leave my options open.”  I finally settled on Theology and Religious Studies because I enjoyed the subject at school and hoped the research and communication skills I’d gain would help in my career (luckily I was right!). Continue reading

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How I got my job: Analytical Placement with NHS England

BA Geography student Lizzie Augarde will be writing a number of posts for the blog during her placement year with NHS England, which she has just started.  In this first posts she outlines how she landed her placement and shares her tips for other students who are, or will be, seeking placements.

Hi, I’m Lizzie and I’ve just started a 12 month placement working for NHS England in the Patients and Information Directorate: Medical and Nursing Analytical Team – in short, the team responsible for managing all the data related to hospitals and patients. I have just completed the second year of my BA Geography degree at the University of Leeds and have loved every minute of it, but I’m looking forward to spending this year doing something quite different Continue reading


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Playing the internship game: How I got my job in PR & Communications

Iain WatermanIain Waterman graduated with a degree in History from the University of Leeds in 2012.  Here he outlines how taking a number of internships after graduating helped him decide on a career path, gain important experience and his tips for negotiating internship terms with employers.

With little idea of what I wanted to do after graduating from Leeds, and with little professional experience to speak of on my CV, I found internships a necessary step towards finding something full time. Whilst many internships do pay, I have a bit of advice for anyone looking at unpaid offers but worried about covering costs – negotiate with the employer. Continue reading

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