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Gown to Town – Considering a career outside of academia for post-graduate researchers


Graduation Day – Okay Yaramanoglu 

 Here, Louise Mustchin (Careers Consultant) and Becky Clark     (Careers Consultant for Post Graduate Researchers) outline some of the options you might consider if you are thinking of alternative careers to academia, once you have completed your PhD.

Whether you have just submitted your thesis, or have just begun your PhD, you will most likely be thinking of what to do once you’ve finished. A career in academia might seem like the obvious route but an increasing number of PhD graduates are considering a career outside of lecturing and research.

In fact, 43.4% of University of Leeds PhD graduates were working in areas outside of academia, upon completing their doctorate. (DHLE 2013/14 – University of Leeds), some of the major growth areas being health and social care, engineering and IT. Continue reading

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How I got my job as community fundraiser at Marie Curie

Jess is a psychology student here at Leeds. Here she tells us about her placement in the charity sector, how she found it, and offers valuable pearls of wisdom for anyone wanting to do the same….

Jess Leak

Hi, I’m Jess and I study Psychology at the University of Leeds. I enjoyed my first 2 years of study but after some consideration realised that I may not want to go into a career specifically related to psychology. In an effort to gain some experience in an area of work outside of psychology I started applying for placements to undertake in my third year. After some consideration I decided that I wanted to focus my search on a placement within the charity sector. Continue reading

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Boom! The thriving digital jobs market in Leeds

A colleague and I from the Careers Centre attended a digital jobs information event recently, at Leeds Beckett University. Here’s what we found out about this booming market…..

The Northern Powerhouse. In 2014, George Osborne outlined the concept of a better economic balance between The North and the south. The North would have more money, power, autonomy and jobs. There are a large number of Leeds graduates that want to stay in the city once they graduate, and so knowing the local job market and opportunities available locally is crucial, to combat the received wisdom that the south is the only place to find a job. This is where the employers step in. Continue reading

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