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How to create your own opportunities post-graduation


Luftphilla – The Graduates

Karl Bilby from Pandle tell us how to take control of your career once you’ve graduated and shares some top tips for success!

When you’ve completed your studies at university, got a good degree in the bag and you’re ready to take on the big wide world, there is one thing that holds the key to your success and that is proactivity. There is only one person on the planet who can build your professional profile, expand your experience and make connections with all the right people and that’s you. So we’ve put together some expert advice on how you can maximise your opportunities post-graduation and pre-employment. Continue reading

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How I Got My Job: Digital Marketing in the Fashion Industry

Sam (1)

Sam Condiffe, graduate in Marketing Managment, talks us through how she landed her current role, how she got there, and offers valuable advice to anyone wanting to do the same.  Continue reading

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How I got my job as a social media intern



Here, Leeds Psychology student Zoe Thatcher tells us all about how she landed an internship as a social media intern.

After realising that my CV was a little dull (pretty much consisting of waitressing jobs and a few fluffed-up school events roles) I decided I needed to land an internship; something to add a little sparkle to my CV and to give me some insight into what I actually want to do (because running around chasing steak orders all my life isn’t quite what I had planned…). I left this idea in the back of my mind while I went on holiday to Barcelona Continue reading

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How to go on a placement year and still find a house when you get back!


Many students worry that if they go on placement, all the houses will be gone by the time come back. Here, Malak from Unipol, puts those fears to rest…

Going on a placement year in the middle of your studies can be a daunting experience; you’ve already settled in to your course, made some great friends and established yourself within the university community. So why rock the balance? Why make a change when you could just carry on into third year with little disruption? Well, when that disruption comes in the form of a year out gaining invaluable insight into a work placement of your choice, perhaps the balance should be rocked…

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