How to go on a placement year and still find a house when you get back!


Many students worry that if they go on placement, all the houses will be gone by the time come back. Here, Malak from Unipol, puts those fears to rest…

Going on a placement year in the middle of your studies can be a daunting experience; you’ve already settled in to your course, made some great friends and established yourself within the university community. So why rock the balance? Why make a change when you could just carry on into third year with little disruption? Well, when that disruption comes in the form of a year out gaining invaluable insight into a work placement of your choice, perhaps the balance should be rocked…

It is often tempting to stick with what we know when faced with the unknown, a behaviour rooted in a fear of change and being confronted with something we might not be so familiar with. However, as cliché as it sounds – the things that scare us are often the very things that end up being the most influential in shaping us and the choices we make in the future. Often the case is that it isn’t the placement year itself that people are worried about, but the return to university a year later. There tends to be the belief that all the good houses will be gone by the time you get back, or that all your friends will have already found places to live and you’ll be left stranded. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Here at UNIPOL we are faced with students coming in on a day-to-day basis with the very same worries, and yet we are always able to present them with a multitude of different housing options to suit any taste/budget, whether it’s January, July or even October – there will ALWAYS be a house for you (I only found my own house in August, a decision which took me a long time not because I couldn’t find anything, but because there was just so much choice!)


Yet, even after being told this a lot of students worry about not being able to find something that they actually like, but again, this is so rarely the case. What a lot of people don’t know is that there is actually a surplus of student accommodation in Leeds, and in 2016 it is likely that there will be an excess of approximately 3,500 bed spaces. To put this into perspective: whenever and whatever you’re looking for, you’ll have over a thousand properties to choose from! And this isn’t even including the ‘Student to Student Noticeboard’ which can be found on the homepage of our website. This noticeboard has been specifically designed to allow students to have direct communication with one another about housing. There are multiple threads, each dedicated to a different query: housing available, housing wanted, groups looking for housing, short-term lets, post-graduates, under-graduates etc.. etc. What this means is that there are even more houses made available on a day-to-day basis.


This brings me on to address the next worry that a lot of people might have when deciding whether to take a placement year or not – finding people to live with. One of the benefits of the S2S Noticeboard is that it not only facilitates conversations between students with the same worries, but it also allows students to form groups and find potential housemates. One of the reasons this is so successful is that it serves as a reminder that there are so many other people in the same situation as you who have also gone on placement years/years abroad and are looking for people to live with upon their return. When you’re worried about something it’s easy to imagine that you’re the only person in that situation, and so we’re here to remind you that this is never the case! Don’t let your fears of what might happen when you return stop you from taking such an amazing opportunity in the first place, especially when a lot of these fears can be alleviated by simply looking at the statistics and information on offer about accommodation. Instead, focus on the multiple benefits of taking a placement year out, both in terms of personal development and career prospects…just imagine if you had let your fear of what might happen after university stop you from going to university in the first place!

Check out our website at if you have any further queries about housing options or what we have to offer.

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