How I Got My Job: Digital Marketing in the Fashion Industry

Sam (1)

Sam Condiffe, graduate in Marketing Managment, talks us through how she landed her current role, how she got there, and offers valuable advice to anyone wanting to do the same. 

It’s been almost three years since I graduated with a BA honours in Marketing Management, and I’ve experienced a lot in those three years. Straight out of university I was employed by a national mobile phone retailer, working within the digital marketing team at their head office. I wasn’t particularly interested in mobile phones but it was there that my general marketing knowledge was turned into practical digital marketing skills. It was a fantastic job but after just one year the company went into liquidation and I was faced with a heart-breaking redundancy.

Building up my employability

In order to gain wider experience, I then took a job with a global digital marketing agency, working between my local office in Stafford and the larger London office. I was thrown in at the deep end and within one month I had my own clients, I was managing my own team and I was pitching for new business all over the country. The knowledge and experience I gained was huge, but I always felt that I didn’t belong working for an agency, so after another year I began looking to move back to an in-house role.

It was then that I applied for a similar digital marketing role at Infinities Designer Menswear. Not only was the job in-house, but it was in the fashion industry, which really appeals to me. The vast experience I had gained in the short space of time after leaving university helped me to secure the role, which I have now been in for 9 months. My employers were happy that I had previously worked in a head office environment, although mobile phones were far from men’s fashion. That’s where my agency experience came in useful. I had managed clients of many different sizes in a wide range of industries from animal charities to high end luxury travel companies, showing that I can turn my hand to anything.

My responsibilities

My main responsibilities on a day to day basis are to generate traffic to our e-commerce website, improve user experience of the website to increase conversion rate, create high quality content for our blog and to work with influencers in the industry to increase our brand awareness. This mix of creativity and analytics is perfect for me as I have always been interested in both (At college I took art & photography alongside business & accounting and everyone thought I was mad!).

Having a personal interest in men’s fashion is a real benefit as I find it much easier to write engaging content around it, talk to people about it and be enthusiastic about what I am doing on a day to day basis.

After graduating, I often questioned the choices I had made but I have come to realise that this is a normal thing to do and is what pushes you to keep developing and moving until you find the right role in the right industry for you.

My advice

My advice to new graduates, whether you are looking for a role in digital marketing or any other field, would be to think carefully about not only the role you want to secure but also the industry you want to work in and the type/size of business you would like to work for. Don’t be concerned if you can’t achieve all three in your first job, sometimes you have to compromise along the way in order to gain the wide experience which may be required when you finally find your dream job.

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