How to create your own opportunities post-graduation


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Karl Bilby from Pandle tell us how to take control of your career once you’ve graduated and shares some top tips for success!

When you’ve completed your studies at university, got a good degree in the bag and you’re ready to take on the big wide world, there is one thing that holds the key to your success and that is proactivity. There is only one person on the planet who can build your professional profile, expand your experience and make connections with all the right people and that’s you. So we’ve put together some expert advice on how you can maximise your opportunities post-graduation and pre-employment.

Polish up your social media presence

During your time at university you have most probably only ever viewed social media as a means to document your nights out, drunken selfies and #hangovercures. However when it comes to launching your career, social platforms are much more than that.  Most employers admit to browsing the social media profiles of any job applicant before making a decision so it’s essential that your content is work-appropriate.
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are just some of the social media platforms that you should be taking advantage of. They’re not only a great way to stay in the loop with industry news and connect with people around the world, they’re also the perfect place to showcase your skills. How you conduct yourself in the digital world says a lot about how you would perform professionally so bear this in mind when sharing posts.

Attend as many networking events as possible

While a strong social media presence and online visibility is undeniably invaluable when it comes to extending reach and exposure, sometimes you can’t beat a good old fashioned face-to-face conversation. Networking events might seem like a drag but they are the perfect place to meet likeminded graduates, potential employers and important contacts.
Put on a smart ensemble, prepare yourself with some information about who you are and what you do and never, ever be a wallflower. Even if you only go to one networking event a month, you’re still doing what is needed to put your name on the map. Be sure to follow up any great leads with a follow up email the next day.

Circulate your CV regardless of vacancies

Finally, we would always advise sending your updated CV to any brands or companies that could really see yourself working for.  Even if they haven’t got the capacity available to employ you at that very moment in time, the fact that you will have demonstrated such determination and motivation will certainly be memorable.
They should hopefully keep your details on file and consider you for any future opportunities, especially if you also attach a personalised cover letter detailing exactly why you are attracted to the business and what you have to offer them.

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