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How I got my job with a Building Consultancy


My name is Anastacia and this year I am undertaking a placement year in Couch Perry and Wilkes engineering company as a part of my BSc Environmental Science. In my previous post I explained some main tips on how to secure a placement; this post will be devoted to my experience and thoughts so far.

What do the Couch Perry and Wilkes Building Consultancy team do?

Couch Perry and Wilkes is an Engineering company with a focus on design and integration of mechanical and electrical; daylight and lighting; and sustainability services. In total there are eight offices around the UK with the main office being located in Birmingham. My workplace office is located in Leeds City Centre, where I can enjoy a picturesque view of the astonishing River Aire. The company is proud to specialise in contemporary engineering techniques to deliver sustainable solutions focusing not only on energy efficiency but also on financial and environmental aspects to fulfil client’s needs. Continue reading

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How I got my job as a User Experience Consultant



Jackie Mellor Brownlee, an English Literature graduate, tells us about how she got her job as a website designer and how a ‘zig-zag’ careers isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

In common with lots of folk who start out with no particular job-path in mind, and end up doing something they love, ‘Career’ is a good verb to describe the zig-zag journey of ‘how I got my job’. Some of false starts, the occasional dead end, a massive dose of luck here and there; that’s what I see when I look back over the last twenty years.

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Variety is the spice of life: how to stand out from the crowd


The Mimic and the Kids – Claudio Beck

This week, one of our Careers Consultants, Marc Steward, tell us why it important to show off your more unusual work experiences…they’re more useful than you think!

So what should a Geography and Maths graduate do when they leave the University of Leeds? Play bass in the Kaiser Chiefs, of course! Talk about stating the bloomin’ obvious! (I predict a riot with that statement!…I now predict lots of eye-rolling following that comment!) Continue reading

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How I got my job as a Account Executive Intern


I am Julia and I am working full time as the Account Executive Intern for a small Yorkshire-based advertising agency, SHARP. At the time of writing I’m just over three months into the placement.

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5 Things That Will Get You A Marketing Job

Alice RAlice Riley, a Management graduate from the University of Leeds, gives us her top tips for breaking into the world of marketing.

So you want to get into marketing? Well, that’s you and everyone else who’s graduating this year! Despite its competitiveness though, marketing is still a great choice of career. New media channels constantly emerging means that so are new roles; there are job titles in the industry that didn’t exist even 5 years ago. At Spotlight Recruitment, we help graduates secure their first marketing roles every day. So here are five things to add to your CV to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

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