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How Recruitment Consultancies Can Help You Land Your STEM Graduate Job

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This week, Mark Bradford from STEM graduates tells us about the help recruitment consultancies can provide you with in your graduate job search. He also speaks of the ‘hidden job market’ and how you can go about uncovering it! 

2015 saw an 11.9% rise in graduate-level jobs, yet competition for entry-level positions within STEM industries remained noticeably fierce. With High Fliers predicting a 7.5% increase in graduate recruitment through 2016 it is therefore crucial to devise a strategic approach to a graduate job hunt and working alongside a graduate recruitment agency is a great way of immediately casting a wider net of potential employers that relate directly to your degree subject.

So what are the main advantages of working with a gradate recruitment agency such as STEM Graduates from the point of view of a candidate?

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How we got our jobs in healthcare research


This week, Alice and Liv, both psychology graduates, tell us about how they secured their placements with the Yorkshire and Quality Safety Team This team conduct research into how to to solve patient safety problems. The offer some great insights into this field and include top tips for anyone who is thinking about going on placmement.

Alice: Liv and I, both of us coming from Psychology degrees- work as Research and Implementation Assistants for the Yorkshire and Quality Safety Team. This team is made up of researchers who aim to develop and evaluate innovative solutions to patient safety problems. Our role within this is very diverse but primarily we work to support the team in their various projects. This has meant getting involved at all stages of the research process, from reviewing literature, to going into hospitals and conducting the research to then analysing data.

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How I got my job in the language industry


Amy Robinson graduated with a BA in French and Portuguese and now works at Andiamo! as a Project Manager. Here, she tells us how she got into the industry and includes some expert hints and tips.

The Background

My name is Amy and I am a Project Manager at Andiamo! Language Services ltd. I have been working for Andiamo! for about 18 months now, however during my first year in the company I actually worked as a Vendor Controller, meaning that I was responsible for recruiting new translators and interpreters for our database of suppliers, as well as lending a hand to the Projects team and preparing smaller quotations.

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Getting into…the language industry

Jane C
This week, Jane Crossley, Project Manager at Andiamo! Language Services Ltd , tells us all about how to get into the industry. Jane also offers excellent advice about breaking into this, sometimes niche, field of work. 


My current role:

My day-to-day role is quite varied as I not only manage one of the company’s key clients who I’m in contact with most days, but I also manage the Projects team which is quite a diverse role in itself. This includes, for example, answering queries, resolving any technical issues related to the translation software we use, holding team meetings and helping out when it gets busy. Having been at the company for almost five years, I’ve worked in various positions such as Project Controller, Interpreting Co-ordinator and now Team Leader, and use this experience to help my team as much as I can. Managing one of our key clients also keeps me quite busy with lots of project requests which requires me to prepare quotes, analyse files using specialist software and source suppliers. Continue reading

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Getting Into… Online Marketing


In this guest post Florence, a recent graduate and intern on the Wayfair marketing team, gives an overview of what online marketing entails, what the key roles are, and how students and graduates from any discipline can pursue a career in this area.

Wayfair is an online retailer of homeware. It’s currently the number one online home retailer in the USA and is rapidly expanding into Europe. All of Wayfair’s business happens online—there is no shop—which means that the digital image of the company and its online activity is paramount to its success. Here’s a little more about what working in online marketing is like.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing refers to how businesses market, promote and advertise themselves on the internet. From the content on their own website, to advertisements featured on Google and the emails that they send to their customers, online marketers use a mixture of analysis of consumer behaviour and creative content ideas to captivate customers and make their business successful. Continue reading

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