How Recruitment Consultancies Can Help You Land Your STEM Graduate Job

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This week, Mark Bradford from STEM graduates tells us about the help recruitment consultancies can provide you with in your graduate job search. He also speaks of the ‘hidden job market’ and how you can go about uncovering it! 

2015 saw an 11.9% rise in graduate-level jobs, yet competition for entry-level positions within STEM industries remained noticeably fierce. With High Fliers predicting a 7.5% increase in graduate recruitment through 2016 it is therefore crucial to devise a strategic approach to a graduate job hunt and working alongside a graduate recruitment agency is a great way of immediately casting a wider net of potential employers that relate directly to your degree subject.

So what are the main advantages of working with a gradate recruitment agency such as STEM Graduates from the point of view of a candidate?

Expert Guidance and Advice

Skilled recruiters have the ability to provide a breadth of careers-related industry knowledge and guidance to graduates and students during their job search.

To provide an insight into how our team of recruitment consultants work at STEM Graduates, suitable professions and career paths for candidates depending on their individual skills will initially be identified before closely matched graduate jobs and suitable employers are introduced. This ensures that candidates are able to utilise their time to focus on applying for jobs in which they have a good possibility of securing an interview for.

Recruitment consultants will also help candidates with their interview preparation techniques. Attending interviews is a daunting prospect at any level of employment, though recruitment agencies through their relationships with companies and industry knowledge can help to minimise apprehension by helping candidates focus on what aspects of their experience and strengths are most relevant to a particular job or employer.

Something that graduates may not have much experience of is the job offer and negotiation stage of a recruitment process. Skilled recruitment consultants can manage this process and ensure that a candidate receives an offer that suits them. We also have a quick guide on this topic over on our own Careers Advice Hub, so please do feel free to check that out.

Introducing an Expanded Network of Graduate Employers

Recruitment agencies are dependent upon maintaining a rapport with a multitude of different companies in the sectors in which they operate within. Therefore, recruitment consultants are well placed to help a candidate grow their immediate network of potential employers.

An existing relationship between a company and a recruitment agency will also add more weight to your application and act as a stamp of approval from a trusted partner. This is invaluable to graduates operating within a competitive job market as it ensures that your application will be taken into serious consideration by employers who may be in the process of reviewing a high quantity of applicants.

Breaking into a ‘Hidden’ Jobs Market

Recruitment agencies can introduce your CV to companies who aren’t visible on careers pages, job boards and even in a recruitment sense at least, social media. This is something to pay close attention to when you consider how the majority of businesses in the UK are SMEs (small or medium-sized enterprises). Smaller companies may not have the finances or personnel to compete with the big marketing budgets of larger organisations and in turn, making their presence known to graduates can be tricky for SMEs.

Though what smaller companies may lack in their presence on job boards and at careers fairs, they tend to make up for in other respects, such as; offering higher job autonomy, influence, responsibility and swift career progression opportunities to graduate starters and their vacancies tend to receive less applications.

Utilising a recruitment consultant’s network of contacts within SMEs is therefore crucial to graduates looking at less obvious options during their job search, especially when considering how smaller companies will often work exclusively with a trusted recruitment consultancy.

STEM Graduates works on graduate job opportunities with larger organisations and SMEs, so you can see what types of jobs we currently have to offer at:

We also offer a range of careers advice resources over on our website. Current topics focus on how to start your graduate job search, interview preparation, how to compare graduate jobs and schemes and guides to improving your CV, so please do check them out and let us know of any questions you might have in the process.

Mark Bradford
STEM Graduates

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