My Experience as an Office and Admin Volunteer for The Forgotten Heroes

Sarah, a final year Medical Sciences student talks about her experience as an Office and admin volunteer for The Forgotten Heroes. She found this role in the Opportunities section of the Leeds for Life website – she encourages all students to take up volunteering alongside their studies and talks about how her volunteering role has helped her develop valuable skills and enhance her CV.


The Role

I started working in the The Forgotten Heroes charity office for a couple of hours a week in early September and so far it has been a fun, interesting but mostly rewarding experience. I decided to volunteer with The Forgotten Heroes to enhance my CV as I previously had no office experience and since working here I have learnt a huge number skills. I spend my time in the office updating our social media sites and website as well as contacting other organisations and stock taking.

It’s not all hard work in the office though. Earlier in the month, David, the chairman of the charity organised a birthday party for three of the volunteers, myself included, with plenty of food and cake.happy-birthday

The benefits

Working in the office has also made me feel a bigger part of the community of Leeds as a whole as I find it can be very easy to get trapped in the student bubble and forget there is life outside of University.  I have met some fantastic people including other members of staff in the The Forgotten Heroes office including the other volunteers but also people working for different charities in the same building.


I started volunteering before the start of the semester and I was worried that once lectures were in full swing I would find fitting in the time to come to the office stressful but it has been quite the opposite! Working with the charity gives me the opportunity to spend time doing something that’s completely unrelated to my university work which can really put any worries about it into perspective.

Any advice?

Overall I’m really enjoying my time as a volunteer and want to encourage other students to take it up because there are so many great opportunities out there. It gives you the chance to learn new skills and meet new people but most importantly have fun and take a break from your studies!

If you’re interested in volunteering or charity work, don’t forget to check the Opportunities section of the Leeds for Life website – there are currently 176 opportunities with various charities and organisations, so there’s bound to be something you’re interested in. Alternatively, you can come to the Careers Centre for additional advice and guidance – either book an appointment, or attend our drop-in session 1-4pm Monday to Friday.

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