Staying In:Leeds


This week, Contemporary and Professional Studies student Roland talks about the In:Leeds day which took place in March, and gives you a glimpse of the reasons why you should consider staying in Leeds after graduation.

As part of a team of six, we pitched an idea on the final day of the inaugural, Leeds-New York Leadership Programme. The idea would see an organisation set up, with the specific purpose of ‘retaining and attracting SMART talent in Leeds.’ We figured if talented students are made aware of what Leeds offers, they would decide to stay in the city post study and be the drivers of innovation, change and development that the city will need if it is to achieve its stated desire of becoming a global economic powerhouse. This project was titled In:Leeds!

Working together with Leeds City Council, Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership and the three universities in Leeds, we delivered a successful pilot on the 1st of March 2017. No fewer than 12 employers in the city took part and I am pleased to say building on this success a student led organisation is now in the process of being set up with a view of running and organising more collaborative and awareness projects to fulfill this simple vision of Staying In:Leeds! ‘retaining and attracting talent in Leeds’. The immersive full-day experience, which brought together a diverse group of students was said to have been valuable for both students and employers.

Leeds is the third largest city in the UK after London and Birmingham by area. Leeds is the second centre in the UK for financial and Law services. Leeds is the only city in the UK besides London with an internet exchange. Leeds host its on ballet company, Northern Ballet and a National Opera Company. Leeds is more and offers more than many realise.

The students who took part in the day exclaimed how the experience totally changed their view of Leeds, the event was nothing like they had ever experienced, with one international student simply exclaiming,

Who would have thought it, Leeds is a door to the world…” adding, “after today I can now see myself working and living in Leeds”.


The employers involved, met with and spoke to dozens of students from the three universities in Leeds, some expressing how for them speaking to the students of all three universities at the same time was a first and something they had thought positive. Employers considered the day a success, with one commenting:

“the best value, engagement they had ever from an hour of speaking with students, in any career related activity they had engaged in”

What was great for me was seeing the students have their ‘wow’ moments of being exposed to what Leeds offered and the employers meeting with students in a less defined setting that allowed for easier rapport building on all parties. I am proud to have worked with a fine team to conceive, coordinate and deliver such a success with the help of the Universities’ careers teams.

Leeds is a great city; University of Leeds have been great in supporting us as their students. Our partners and stakeholders who worked collaboratively with us and allowed access into their organisations and the universities who entrusted their students all contributed to the success of the Staying In:Leeds! project.

Need further advice/guidance? Make sure to check out the resources available on our website and book an appointment to talk to us.

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