Class of 2018: Question Your Future


This June is Class of 2018 Month, but what does that mean, exactly? Well, aside from a massive four-week programme of digital content designed to help you get to grips with your plans for the future, we’re encouraging all finalists to get in touch and question your future!

Each week we’ll be hosting a themed week of digital content, following the rough stages of finding, applying for, and landing an opportunity such as a job or research position. Your questions don’t have to be on the weekly topic, but we’d encourage it if possible! At the end of each week, we’ll answer all your questions in our Friday blog post, along with a summary of anything interesting that’s popped up during the week. We’re encouraging everyone to get involved if possible to make a great body of frequently-asked questions to help both current and future students.

As such, we’re offering some incentive for your time and effort – all students who ask a question will be automatically entered into our Class of 2018 raffle, where you could win a magnum of Moët & Chandon or a Hotel Chocolat selection. This raffle will be drawn at the end of Class of 2018 Month, and you must be able to come in to the Career Centre to collect your prize.*

How to get involved and ask your question

To have your question answered and get entered into our raffle, you’ll need to write it out as a post on Twitter or send us a message on Facebook. In both cases, we’d like you to include our hashtag for Class of 2018 month, #LeedsClass18 (alternatively, you can tag us on Twitter @leedsunicareers), so we know to enter you into the raffle and answer the question in our blog.

To make it into Friday’s blog, make sure to ask your question between Monday 9AM and Thursday 1PM. Questions asked outside of this time will still get included, but might not get answered until the week after. The final deadline to ask a question and have it answered is Thursday 28th June at 1PM. We encourage you to ask about the weekly theme if possible, and might move your question to be answered in another week if it’s about a different topic.

Here’s a rundown of our weekly themes, which you’ll be able to catch on our social media channels:

Week 1 (4th-8th June): ‘What next?’ Finding opportunities

This week is all about effective opportunity-hunting, be it jobs, internships, research positions or anything else you care to apply to! Quit scrolling aimlessly through listings, find out how to efficiently use your time while searching, and get to the bottom of what “networking” actually means!

Week 2 (11th-15th June): Making successful applications

So you found something you want to apply for – now, how do you go about doing it? This week we’re talking the basics of a solid CV, application forms, covering letters, creative and professional portfolios, and the dos- and don’ts- of getting your foot in the door.

Week 3 (18th-22nd June): Succeeding at interview and assessment centres

In week 3 we’re discussing how to nail the final stages of the process, covering interviews (both in-person and via video) and assessment centres, and giving you all the tips and tricks you need to prepare properly and present yourself with confidence.

Week 4 (25th-29th June): Event week

As the culmination of Class of 2018 Month, Event Week is a programme of nine workshops on everything covered in weeks 1-3, and each workshop will focus on a specific area of the application process, taking you through it as the week goes on. On the digital side, the theme for this week is that anything goes, meaning we’ll opening up to any and all questions to go in a final summary blog at the end of the week!

So, make sure to follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook throughout June to see all the great digital content we’ve got lined up, and ask your questions!

*Please note that Question Your Future is primarily aimed at students, and while we will accept questions from non-students, only students are eligible to win prizes in our raffle. If you’re selected at the end, you’ll need to present your student ID card to collect a prize. In the event that a non-student is drawn, we’ll keep drawing until a student wins.

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