A career in Recruitment – what’s it all about?

Annie Moss2

University of Leeds English & Philosophy graduate Annie Moss completed her degree studies in 2018, she now works for Xpertise Recruitment.  Annie’s placement year in a recruitment consultancy  helped her to understand that this fast paced challenging, rewarding profession was for her.  Here she offers insight and advice on how it could be the right career for you.

How I got into Recruitment

I graduated in 2018 from Leeds University with an industrial degree in English and Philosophy, then I went straight into recruitment. Possibly not the most obvious choice considering my degree background, but definitely the right one for me.

I got into recruitment when I was researching industries for my placement year. I didn’t know anything about recruitment at this stage and was looking at roles in marketing, supply-chain, HR, (you name it, I applied for it)!  Then I came across recruitment and after spending one day in the office to have a look round, I realised that it was a really good fit for me.

Why a career in recruitment?

Because recruitment is a fast-paced, lucrative, challenging profession. In the words of my manager, “if you want to progress in your career and achieve your financial goals quickly, then recruitment is a great industry to be in.”

What even is recruitment? Don’t believe all the myths…

Most people don’t know anything about it before they start. You’ll often hear people say that they “fell into” recruitment or think it’s all about spending hours on the phone cold calling and hard selling, but it’s so much more than that.

Recruitment isn’t just finding jobs for other people. It’s about learning to manage a bunch of different candidates at the same time and developing real relationships with clients to create business opportunities for the future.  It’s about juggling different roles with different companies all at once so that you can deliver a high-quality service every time and it’s mentoring those around you to help them develop professionally.

It’s an overused phrase, but no two days are the same (really)! To be good at recruitment you must be able to adapt to every kind of situation and motivate yourself to keep tackling those challenges that come your way. It can be tough like most jobs, but it’s definitely worth it, the rewards are great! The recruitment industry often provides good incentives and a strong social scene, for example at  Xpertise Recruitment we have loads of regular social events, quarterly incentive trips to places such as Barcelona, Prague,and even skiing in Morzine, plus a solid commission structure too!


The Xpertise team before they set off on a charity walk- with a thumbs up from me!

Recruitment – what do you need to succeed?

Many of us grads really don’t know what career we want to go into after university and do not always have a lot of work experience. To get into a recruitment firm you don’t need to have worked in recruitment before- you just need the right sort of attitude- if you are ambitious, proactive, driven and enjoy forming relationships with people there are lots of opportunities.  You can come in knowing nothing about recruitment and have a clear career pathway to lead you into a management role, mentoring others, developing business relationships, selling your company to potential clients and negotiating with senior business leaders.

If you love talking to people, building relationships and being rewarded, I’d recommend a career in recruitment. If you’re still studying but have an opportunity to do a placement year (we take on placement students here at Xpertise) take that opportunity. It will give you a taste of what a career in recruitment really is like and what you can learn from it.

There are lots of great tips in Annie’s previous blog post on how LinkedIn could land you your next job

And don’t forget if you want to discuss a career in Recruitment or any other sector, the Careers Centre can help you find direction- learn how here.

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