Link to Leeds Ambassadors

Link to Leeds Ambassadors support prospective students from overseas by sharing their experiences and insight into living and studying at the University of Leeds.  Learn more about the role from two ambassadors Anderson and Paulina.

Anderson Etika (left) from Nigeria recently completed his PhD in Transport Studies at the University of Leeds, he secured a post as a Link to Leeds Ambassador in his second year of study.


Paulina Pawlak (2nd on the right) from Poland is studying  an MEng in Applied Computer Science at the University of Leeds.


What is a Link to Leeds Ambassador?

Anderson: The role of a Link to Leeds Ambassador involves being a first point of contact for international students interested in studying at the University. As a student ambassador, I am an information point for prospective students (via instant messaging, emails, social media, chat events and campus and city wide tours). Through these mediums, I am able to share my experiences as a student and a resident of the city of Leeds. This includes sharing my experiences about accommodation, transportation, food in Leeds, scholarships availability, my research specific involvement and other issues faced day-to-day by students.   Also as part of the job, I am involved in events and activities such as; summer programmes, blog writing and other administrative tasks.

The benefits

Anderson: Being a Link to Leeds ambassador has been one of my most cherished experiences as a student at the University of Leeds. The job allowed me share my personal experiences at the university and the city of Leeds to prospective students. This was fulfilling for me as it gave me the opportunity to meet some amazing people, and I was able to assist them in my own little way.

Paulina: There are many benefits of being a Link to Leeds Ambassador the major one is sharing my excitement about University to prospective students – very often now I experience people randomly coming to me and telling me “Oh I was emailing you, you helped me so much!”. It gives me a feeling that my job really matters.

Anderson: One of the highlights of the job is the flexibility of the work available, which allowed me to do as much or as little as suits me and my research timetable. Also, the extra money I got was definitely useful!

Skills developed

Anderson: The job has afforded me the opportunity of working with so many different people with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, and in the process I have learnt how to function as a team player. My communication and interpersonal skills have become stronger in the course of the job, allowing me make  a lot of friends and networks. Being a student ambassador has improved my public speaking skills, as I have on many occasions had to talk to large groups of people. The job has also improved my writing skills, as I have written quite a number of blogs.

Paulina: I believe being a Link to Leeds ambassador I have enhanced my skills that I can transfer to the workplace such as self-motivation and adaptability, also how to react to unexpected questions and problem solving.

It’s a great opportunity to gain experience that I can use in my degree as well as it has helped me to be more organised as I balance my time between studies, social life and a job. What is more, meeting other Ambassadors is very inspiring as I have a chance to talk to them and find out about their background and experiences.

And finally

Paulina: It’s not only a job, but also a very friendly environment with lots of support from our managers and an amazing chance for me to develop my interpersonal skills, that I can use in my graduate job.  It’s been a great experience that I am really happy happened in my life, as not only have I enhanced my CV but also made new connections, friends and had a chance to participate in great opportunities that have developed me.

Meet the other Link to Leeds Ambassadors

There are many exciting opportunities available to you as a University of Leeds student, so make the most of your time and get involved!

If you need support finding opportunities or help with applications we are here to help.

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