Love Leeds? How a career in the health sector could be good for you

NHS jobs Suzie BlogSo you’ve loved your time here, want to stay but don’t know what to do? The health sector in Leeds is thriving and, spoiler alert, there are plenty of roles where you don’t need a medical or science degree. In this blog, Careers Adviser, Suzie Bullock, explores options in the health sector in Leeds for graduates from non-science subjects.

Healthy outlook for the city

Leeds is home to some big players in the healthcare sector, including National Health Service (NHS) Trust hospitals, NHS England and NHS Digital.

Leeds has the third largest number of healthcare jobs outside London, with a turnover of £4.3 billion and employing around 13,000 people.

Moreover, Leeds City Council (LCC) aims to become the best city for health and wellbeing, where the poorest people improve their health the fastest. Consequently, the council is actively working to attract investment and the city is a major hub for health innovation.


All of this means jobs for graduates and the opportunity for career progression within the sector. So, what could you do?

Opportunities for graduates from any subject background in non-medical roles include customer care, finance, health insurance, hospitality, human resources (HR), management, marketing, procurement and sales. There are opportunities in legal services if you have a law background and, if you have a numerate element to your degree, you could consider roles in IT, such as data analysis. Find out how a University of Leeds English and Philosophy graduate gained her role in medical communications. You can also explore roles you might be suited to and find out more about careers in the NHS. Remember to filter your search by location to stay in Leeds.

Graduate training schemes

There are two healthcare graduate training schemes where you can choose to be based in Leeds. The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme has six options covering finance, general management, health analysis, health informatics, human resources, and policy and strategy. While the minimum requirement is a 2:2 degree, the scheme is highly competitive. Find out more about a Geography graduate’s experience on the scheme.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is launching its own Health Policy Fast Track scheme in Leeds to develop future policy leaders. You’ll need a 2:1 for this scheme. The scheme lasts for three years and you’ll be exposed to hands-on policy as well as experiencing the political environment. Applications open in October 2019.

Your future starts here                                                                

Remember, whether you know what you want to do or have absolutely no idea, come and see us at the Careers Centre. We are here to help!  And don’t forget you can  continue to access Careers Centre services once you graduate.

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