Introducing Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 campaign launched today – but what is it, and how can you find and take the right next steps?


There’s a style of language in emails you’ll be familiar with – “Great prices available – limited time only!” book now and don’t miss out!” – chances are if you checked your inbox now there’d be countless examples of this.

We hope that the email that landed in your inbox recently introducing the Class of 2020 campaign had the opposite effect. Over the course of the campaign, which will run up to graduation and beyond, we’ll be encouraging you to take steps that are right for you, at the time that’s right for you, whatever they may be.

Finding the right next step

You might take this to mean something big – securing a graduate job, or applying for further study. But that’s far from the case! The right next step for you might be something relatively minor, such as reading about a sector you think you might be interested in on Prospects, or tidying up your CV and getting it reviewed by our online CV checking platform Vmock.

If you’re not sure what a suitable next step might be, another one of our blog posts from a couple of weeks ago was also packed full of practical suggestions and tips on how to look after yourself while job hunting.

Our Career Planning pages can also help – it offers 9 different statements for career confidence, from “I have no Career Ideas” to “I know what I want to do” and even “I’m not ready to start thinking about my career yet.” Selecting the one you most closely identify with will take you through to a page offering advice and suggestions on how to develop your plans.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel ready

While we’re encouraging you to take action, we want to re-emphasise that not feeling sure about what comes next, or not feeling ready at this stage is a completely legitimate position to be in. We’ll be here for you throughout your final year, and are still available for you after graduation.

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