#InLeeds: Be open-minded to a tech career with FDM

Isel studied English Literature at the University of Leeds. After she graduated, she worked at the Careers Centre here in Leeds before leaving to join the University Partnership team at FDM. Despite coming from a non-technical background, she used her transferable skills to settle into life in the digital sector.

“Keeping open-minded and understand that the skills you develop in university will go a long way in your career in the tech industry” Isel, FDM

Company Ambassador – Isel
Job Title – University Partnership and Recruitment Consultant

Digital skills used

  • Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, etc)
  • Email management
  • Monitoring student interaction

Transferable skills

Isel’s role at FDM requires her to visit campuses across the country and inspire students to consider a digital career. While she doesn’t have a background in tech, her previous experience working as a telephone fundraiser and internships has helped her transition into a full-time consultancy role where she frequently utilises her interpersonal and communication skills.

Reflecting upon her experience, Isel thinks that it’s really important to have an open mind regarding what you want to do in life. Students should realise that there are so many other jobs out there which they never consider exploring.

She advises students to make use of the resources at your university: going to careers fairs, popping into the careers centre for a one-on-one appointment or simply speaking to lecturers.

Women in Tech

FDM takes pride in making a positive contribution to the industry by encouraging and promoting diversity in the workplace.

Currently, 50% of their senior management are women and are one of the first companies in the UK to adopt the 0% median gender pay gap. Additionally, they also provide coding and IT workshops for students and continuously host Women in Tech panels at various universities.

FDM also recognises and celebrates achievements of outstanding women through industry events such as the annual FDM Everywoman in Technology Awards. By highlighting the achievements of women internally and externally, they are creating real role models for the future to give the next generation something to aspire to.

#InLeeds – helping students find work in Leeds

The #InLeeds project runs every year and aims to help students to learn more about what sort of sectors, businesses and specific roles they might end up working in Leeds.

The theme for #InLeeds 2020 is digital – so we’re highlighting opportunities to work in digital careers, which may be easier than you might think!

About FDM

FDM is a leading professional services provider with a focus on IT. They work with high profile clients worldwide across a range of industry sectors, including finance, media, government, insurance, retail, etc.

Students can apply for the FDM Graduate Scheme, where they are provided with industry recognised training, as well as invaluable commercial experience and the opportunity for rewarding professional development.

They recruit all year round from any degree background, seeking those with a drive to succeed within the technology industry.

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