Developing skills during self-isolation: a guide to LinkedIn Learning

Image of EPA Oli against a leafy backgroundIn this age of self-isolation you may have found that you’ve got more time spare, and be wondering how you can use this time productively.

With that in mind, today’s post is a repost from a couple of weeks ago about LinkedIn Learning from Oli Walkden, who graduated from his MA Critical & Cultural Theory at Leeds in September and is now an Employability & Progression Assistant at the Careers Centre.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

Learning is an online learning platform from the professional social media giant LinkedIn. It provides a myriad of training sessions, classes, lectures and more in video format.

The University has a year’s pilot license for the service, meaning that all students can access it for free. Hurrah!

Not keen on LinkedIn?

We know LinkedIn can seem daunting, but it does have its benefits. All of our careers advisers, and many of our blog contributors, would recommend setting up a LinkedIn account as one of the first ports-of-call for any jobseeker — and LinkedIn Learning is yet another reason to do so.

The Careers Centre offers several services for improving your LinkedIn profile: taking headshots for your photo; general learning sessions; and Leeds Network, which allows you to make useful connections with alumni.  Our Careers advisers will also be more than happy to go through your profile with you, as if it were a CV or cover letter.

Why use LinkedIn Learning?

It’s difficult to believe, but there are over 15,000 courses, with over 200,000 separate videos sections to choose from.

There are three main content categories: Technology, Creative and Business. You’ll also notice a fourth section of the dropdown menu: University of Leeds. Here, the University will be adding its own highlight reel of useful training sessions of particular interest for local students and staff.

To get started – I’d recommend going wild with the search bar to explore what you would like to learn. Alternatively, simply stroll the website’s endless corridors of content, carefully picked from every aspect of professional (and sometimes personal) life.

Course examples include:

  • Multiculturalism in the workplace
  • Public speaking
  • Python coding language
  • Excel
  • Animation foundations
  • The Science of Sales
  • Financial Wellness for Couples and Families
  • Become a Cinematographer

Sounds good – but why is it worth my time?!

Here’s a few motives for getting started with LIL.

  • Professionalism: when it comes to transitioning from student professional life, it is often a case of “you don’t know what you don’t know”. If you haven’t had much work experience, particularly in an office environment, there are loads of classes on LIL that can give you some basic insight. It may offer the confidence you need ahead of job applications and interviews.
  • Expertise: the courses are generated and delivered by real-world industry experts- many of them are extremely cheesy American tutors, but they often talk a lot of sense!
  • Trends: the website is constantly being updated to align with industry trends, covering emerging technologies and ideas. That little nugget of contemporary knowledge could give you the edge over other job candidates
  • Upskilling: you never know what new skills might help you to land a new role. LinkedIn Learning is a great way to familiarise yourself with areas previously alien to you- and have something to show for it when you apply for jobs.
  • LinkedIn integration: You can add completed training courses to your LinkedIn profile, meaning that a good profile (with academic achievements, work experience and extra-curricular bits) can become an outstanding profile. It shows your willingness to learn and the extra skills you have picked up along with way!
  • Personalisation: the more you use it, the more useful it’ll become. A bit like Spotify or Netflix, Linkedin Learning will suggest courses based on your activity and interests and make tailored recommendations for courses.

“Sign me up!” – how to access LinkedIn Learning

You don’t have to have a LinkedIn account to access LinkedIn Learning, being able to access it just using single sign-on if you wish.  If you do have a LinkedIn account, you can connect your LinkedIn and Learning accounts, thus enabling you to show courses you’ve completed on your LinkedIn profile.  For full details on LinkedIn Learning, and how to access it, see this IT post

It is easy to sign up for LIL via your Minerva account. Search LinkedIn Learning > Click on the link > Use university details to log in.


Screenshot of Linkedin Learning


Screenshot of the Linkedin Learning platform

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