Come and work at the Careers Service – part 2!

You may have seen our post last week from our outgoing Graduate Support Intern, Issie, talking about what she’d gained from the role and why you should apply for it.

Well like a First Bus, no sooner has one graduate vacancy come along at the Careers Service than another’s come straight up behind it. In this post, former Career Mentoring Support Intern Maria Horrocks reflects on her time in the role, and why if you’re a graduate or final year student looking for a role to start your career you should definitely be interested!

My time as Career Mentoring Support Assistant was amazing. The opportunity allowed me to develop and learn lots of professional skills, and greatly helped me to build my confidence in a relaxed environment. This was really important to me in my first job outside of university as I felt a little lost after I graduated.

The Career Mentoring Support Assistant is there to support the Mentoring and Widening Participation team in delivering mentoring related activity. This included a range of things such as:

  • Conducting research on mentoring activity and analysing research data
  • Writing copy for emails and distributing them
  • Helping to respond to email queries
  • Supporting in the running of mentoring schemes, such as helping with matching mentors and mentees
  • Gathering mentoring case studies
  • Being an active member of the careers social media content team
  • Planning and delivering marketing for mentoring schemes

The team were wonderful to work with and they were always very supportive and willing to help, which meant that I felt comfortable asking as many questions as I needed. In addition, as the Careers Service is quite big, I was regularly able to network and meet new people with a wide range of knowledge and experience in employability. Another great thing about the Careers Service is that it has a community feel to it, as everyone is so lovely and the nature of the work is very collaborative between the different teams. This friendly environment meant that I always felt like I could be fully myself.

One thing that I really loved about this role was that there was an element of flexibility to it which allowed me to develop my skills in the areas that I wanted to focus on, and my team were very encouraging of this. As a result, I was able to utilise my previous experience in marketing and my creative side to really make the most out of my internship. I was able to take lead with marketing activity related to mentoring and I was also able to greatly contribute to the social media content team, particularly with Instagram reel ideas. Having the freedom to share ideas, produce social media content and get feedback on it allowed me to further develop my skillset in my area of interest. I was also given the opportunity to work on other skills that I wanted to further develop such as copywriting and presenting. This experience played a big part in helping me to get my new role as Digital Marketing Executive and it also gave me a greater sense of purpose, as I felt that I was able to positively contribute to my role and make an impact.

This role provides the perfect opportunity to learn a large range of skills to give you the space to figure out what you enjoy the most at work, whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It is also a really fulfilling role being able to give back to the University community by helping other students. No matter what your level of experience I would 100% advise anybody considering this position to apply!

Interested? Of course you are! The Careers Mentoring Support Intern role is open for applications now and closes on Sunday 22nd May. The Graduate Support Intern role is also still open, and closes on Sunday 15th May.

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