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About Constantin

I'm an Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering student at Leeds University (yeap, an actual rocket scientist). I love science and tech, breaking the barriers and figuring out the next thing I need to change to keep my life exciting. I've been called a lot of things, from really smart to nerd. Constantin will just do. In my spare time I also like to try all sorts of new things, from cooking to writing on various blogs. My ultimate goal is to leave a lasting impression and a legacy wherever I go (preferably a good one). Glory is my middle name.

The International

Ever considered studying or working abroad? Here, one of our student bloggers Constantin shares his reflections on making the transition to another country – in his case, to come to the UK to study here at Leeds.

Multiculturalism! That’s probably one of the best things at Leeds University.That fact that you’re in an environment full of people from pretty much any other place in the world is an amazing thing to explore and take advantage of. As an EU student, I am part of that blend of people that makes this place so great to be in Continue reading

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To Master or not to Master?


Education. This is the “business” we’re currently in. Each of us chose a path for our next step in education at least a year ago. And since this is most likely the final step of the journey, it’s very important to make the most of it. For most students, your university degree lasts 3 years. However, some of you may choose to continue your education with further study of a Masters or PhD. Question is: Is it worth doing Continue reading

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