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Technical lead and support specialist of Lecture Capture and Multimedia Management systems at the University of Leeds. Digital learning in higher education is changing rapidly and the University of Leeds is at the forefront of this revolution. I have managed and contributed to projects in Higher Education that have gone onto win national awards. Offers a sought after set of interpersonal and IT skills; underpinned by highly developed communication skills and a conscientious and professional attitude. In 2013 I took a career break, travelling round the world and visiting India, South East Asia, New Zealand and South America. For more detail on the trip please see my blog: A technology, bicycle, music and nature loving Physical Geography graduate. In my spare time I like to cycle and drum. Cycling runs on fat, makes you fit and is free. It's the future and the past in a constant cycle! Drumming is a prehistoric past time!

The true value of your career

Is money the dominating factor in decision making? Does a high salary distract you from your true aspiration? We all know the expression, ‘Money doesn’t buy happiness.’ In this blog post our Careers Advisor, Jim Bird, takes a look at how money affects career decisions.


If you’ve been inspired by the Careers…Making a Difference Fair or you’re hoping to find a career path that matches your motivations, read on.  Continue reading

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“I got the job, I’m speechless!” Articulating your employability – Autumn Career Essentials

Employers want you to be able to tell them why you are right for the job. Articulating skills and motivations is something many students struggle with so here are a few easy steps to give you confidence in articulating your employability.

Employability skills put simply are your attributes, skills and knowledge.  Evidencing these skills effectively for a specific role is the key to unlocking that graduate job door.

image of a man jumping off a cliff to reach his future

Recognising employability Continue reading


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