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Class of 2020: Leeds Exclusive Opportunities

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One recurring theme (or worry) of job applications and interviews is how do I stand out? In the competitive world of job hunting, what is it that sets apart one graduate from another? Luckily, as a University of Leeds student, you are endowed with a range of schemes and opportunities that can make you uniquely employable – or at least grant a singular experience of personal development that you will cherish forever. Here’s a full breakdown of what’s on offer just for Leeds students.

NB During the current COVID-19 period, university programmes are subject to change. All information is correct at the time of publication, but check the websites for each programme you’re interested in for up-to-date information. 

Leeds Internship Programme

The Leeds Internship Programme is an opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience at local Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), charities and multi-national organisations. The experience can be conducted as a placement year, summer internship or even part-time term-time work. All of the opportunities organised by the LIP team in the Careers Centre are paid, located in the West Yorkshire area and (best of all) only offered to students at the University of Leeds! Sign up to their weekly newsletter via MyCareer.

Included in this scheme are Campus Internships. There are several part-time jobs available by the university every year, which intend to give you valuable experience of working for a large organization like UoL while earning some money on the side. There are vacancies in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Building Surveying, Student Ambassadorships and more. Check the University of Leeds vacancies page, where the positions will be clearly marked, and read a blog from Natalie who is currently participating in one of them.


Did you know that around a third of students intend to start their own business? The SPARK team can help you grow the seed of a business idea, and nurture your entrepreneurial spirit. They provide; access to grants and funding to help you get started; events and modules to help you learn about setting up and running a business; careers advice to help you make business decisions and mentoring from alumni. The team are also run a Business Plan Competition each year, which gives you the chance to win a £2000 grant towards establishing your innovative enterprise.

For info on how to get involved, visit their page.

Leeds to Cambodia

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to undertake a challenging and rewarding project at a school in rural Cambodia. During July and August 2020 you will have the chance to make a positive and practical difference to the lives of other people as well as experience the extraordinary culture of Cambodia.  They need two Project Leaders and eight volunteers; Project Leaders will each receive a grant of £1000 and volunteers will receive £500 towards the costs of taking part e.g. flights and vaccinations.

Look out for applications opening again in December time.

Leeds to South Korea

Apply now to join our funded Leeds to South Korea Leadership Programme and develop your ability to lead from a truly global perspective. The programme gives you an immersive international experience, challenging you to adapt and thrive in a new context while establishing a genuinely global network. It equips you with the tools you need to lead change, now and in the future.

APPLY or contact

LinkedIn Learning access

All Careers Centre staff would recommend setting up a LinkedIn Account. It allows you to reflect on your experiences and skills, as well as discover job opportunities and connect with people in industry. (We’d recommend using the site’s alumni feature, where you can search for University of Leeds graduates and track their career path post-graduation).

But another great feature recently introduced is LinkedIn Learning, which offers over 15,000 short courses across business, creative and technical specialties. All students and staff have access to LinkedIn Learning through our institutional subscription. You do not need to have a LinkedIn account to access the content, but you can connect it to your own LinkedIn Account.

Go here for more info and to sign up using your Leeds Uni details. If you want to read more about LinkedIn Learning, we’ve got an in-depth blog post about it.

CSER8000 modules

If your department cannot offer you a work placement module in your third year, then this module (delivered by experienced staff at the Careers Centre) is set up for you. A work placement year is a great way to develop your skills and stand out to a graduate recruiter.

More info can be found on CareerWeb.

Mentoring Hub Schemes and The Leeds Network

The Careers Centre staff work tirelessly to establish connections with previous UoL students who have gone into interesting careers in a variety of industries. We then invite these alumni to participate in our eMentoring scheme; open to all undergraduates, the scheme pairs students with industry experts who can impart valuable knowledge and advice about professional post-university life.

Many of these alumni are also listed on the Leeds Network, accessible via Leeds For Life. This is a searchable directory of alumni from across the job market spectrum. You can specify result based on the subject you study, or the industry you would like to break into. Then, you can request to contact the alumnus to ask them questions and receive advice. This is a kind of unofficial eMentoring scheme.

Look out for other Mentoring schemes such as the PwC Female Mentoring Scheme for female students, the PwC Diversity Mentoring Scheme for BAME students (applications for both open in October 2020) and the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme, which features very high profile and senior mentors. Applications for this open in March.

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Class of 2020: Developing resilience in your job search

graduation picAaliyah Farr is a Leeds Sociology graduate and now works as an Employability Progression Assistant at the Careers Centre.

In this interesting and personal piece, she reflects on how her background contributed to a lack of self-confidence in her time at university and during the graduate job hunt, and what changes she made to overcome this, even after experiencing setbacks.

Growing up in a mixed black British household, I’ve always felt the pressure to work hard. Now, as a graduate in Sociology looking back on why I put so much effort into my academic studies, I’ve realised that my family background has played a significant role in who I am today.

Being exposed to the struggles my mum faced to acquire qualifications, having not gone to university, encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunities offered to me at secondary school. I knew my goal was to complete my A Levels, go to university and engage with opportunities that close members of my family hadn’t had access to.

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Class of 2020: 5 things I wish I’d known about in my final year at university

Awke_AbdhulahiAbdul Awke is a Leeds Chemical Engineering MSc graduate, and now works as an Employability and Progression Assistant at the Careers Centre where he helps final-year students with their career plans. Before starting here he admits he did nothing to help his chances of success after graduating, and here he shares 5 things he wishes he’d known during his studies…..



1. Commercial awareness

Commercial awareness is an understanding of how industries and businesses work, about knowing what’s going on in the world, and analysing the ways it might impact on your chosen sector and company. Understanding how your individual role fits within an organisation’s goals will help you judge whether a role’s right for you, and increase your chances of success, and as it’s relevant for all applications you’ll be completing it’s probably one of the most vital skills you can start developing in your final year!

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Introducing Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 campaign launched today – but what is it, and how can you find and take the right next steps?


There’s a style of language in emails you’ll be familiar with – “Great prices available – limited time only!” book now and don’t miss out!” – chances are if you checked your inbox now there’d be countless examples of this.

We hope that the email that landed in your inbox recently introducing the Class of 2020 campaign had the opposite effect. Over the course of the campaign, which will run up to graduation and beyond, we’ll be encouraging you to take steps that are right for you, at the time that’s right for you, whatever they may be.

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