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The gig guide: A new model of work?


Gig Economy Graphic by Mark Warner

Hoping for long-term, secure employment with one organisation? Or perhaps you’re planning to build your career on a freelancing model? Whatever your personal preferences, the world of work is changing, not least in the extent to which people are employed on a permanent basis.  In this post, Careers Consultant Marc Steward looks at the rise of the so-called Gig Economy and the implications of this.

If you’ve spent any amount of time around campus you will, by now, have come into contact with Uber; either through ordering a ride home after a night out, or simply by trying to avoid being run over by one of their more “excitable” drivers. Ubiquitous, they are!

You may or may not know, however, that Uber are probably the best proponents of the Gig Economy, a business model where “…temporary positions [of work] are common and employers contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.” Continue reading

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How I got my job as a writer

Christopher Beanland is a freelance writer and works in arts journalism. Here he explains how he got into writing, why he does it and offers expert advice for anyone who has the same aspirations!  

The background

I’m a writer. It’s the only thing I ever really wanted to do (apart from when I was 8 and wanted to be a footballer) and it’s the only thing I’m any good at. It’s sort of a compulsion – something I’d do even if I didn’t get paid for it (and many times you don’t, just like this blog!) If you’re determined to make it in a creative field – whether it’s painting or photography or dancing or acting, I’m sure you’ll know this feeling. I don’t have an employer – people insist on saying ‘Are you freelance?’ and I just reply ‘Yes’ though I think it makes it all sound a bit businessy, which it very much isn’t. I write novels – in fact I started my first novel called Spinning Out of Control while I was in the Edward Boyle Library. My new one called The Wall in The Head  features Leeds University as a location, mostly because I have such terrific, fond memories of being there.

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How I got my job in the language industry


Amy Robinson graduated with a BA in French and Portuguese and now works at Andiamo! as a Project Manager. Here, she tells us how she got into the industry and includes some expert hints and tips.

The Background

My name is Amy and I am a Project Manager at Andiamo! Language Services ltd. I have been working for Andiamo! for about 18 months now, however during my first year in the company I actually worked as a Vendor Controller, meaning that I was responsible for recruiting new translators and interpreters for our database of suppliers, as well as lending a hand to the Projects team and preparing smaller quotations.

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Getting into…the language industry

Jane C
This week, Jane Crossley, Project Manager at Andiamo! Language Services Ltd , tells us all about how to get into the industry. Jane also offers excellent advice about breaking into this, sometimes niche, field of work. 


My current role:

My day-to-day role is quite varied as I not only manage one of the company’s key clients who I’m in contact with most days, but I also manage the Projects team which is quite a diverse role in itself. This includes, for example, answering queries, resolving any technical issues related to the translation software we use, holding team meetings and helping out when it gets busy. Having been at the company for almost five years, I’ve worked in various positions such as Project Controller, Interpreting Co-ordinator and now Team Leader, and use this experience to help my team as much as I can. Managing one of our key clients also keeps me quite busy with lots of project requests which requires me to prepare quotes, analyse files using specialist software and source suppliers. Continue reading

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Getting Into… Online Marketing


In this guest post Florence, a recent graduate and intern on the Wayfair marketing team, gives an overview of what online marketing entails, what the key roles are, and how students and graduates from any discipline can pursue a career in this area.

Wayfair is an online retailer of homeware. It’s currently the number one online home retailer in the USA and is rapidly expanding into Europe. All of Wayfair’s business happens online—there is no shop—which means that the digital image of the company and its online activity is paramount to its success. Here’s a little more about what working in online marketing is like.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing refers to how businesses market, promote and advertise themselves on the internet. From the content on their own website, to advertisements featured on Google and the emails that they send to their customers, online marketers use a mixture of analysis of consumer behaviour and creative content ideas to captivate customers and make their business successful. Continue reading

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How I got my job with a Building Consultancy


My name is Anastacia and this year I am undertaking a placement year in Couch Perry and Wilkes engineering company as a part of my BSc Environmental Science. In my previous post I explained some main tips on how to secure a placement; this post will be devoted to my experience and thoughts so far.

What do the Couch Perry and Wilkes Building Consultancy team do?

Couch Perry and Wilkes is an Engineering company with a focus on design and integration of mechanical and electrical; daylight and lighting; and sustainability services. In total there are eight offices around the UK with the main office being located in Birmingham. My workplace office is located in Leeds City Centre, where I can enjoy a picturesque view of the astonishing River Aire. The company is proud to specialise in contemporary engineering techniques to deliver sustainable solutions focusing not only on energy efficiency but also on financial and environmental aspects to fulfil client’s needs. Continue reading

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5 Things That Will Get You A Marketing Job

Alice RAlice Riley, a Management graduate from the University of Leeds, gives us her top tips for breaking into the world of marketing.

So you want to get into marketing? Well, that’s you and everyone else who’s graduating this year! Despite its competitiveness though, marketing is still a great choice of career. New media channels constantly emerging means that so are new roles; there are job titles in the industry that didn’t exist even 5 years ago. At Spotlight Recruitment, we help graduates secure their first marketing roles every day. So here are five things to add to your CV to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

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How to create your own opportunities post-graduation


Luftphilla – The Graduates

Karl Bilby from Pandle tell us how to take control of your career once you’ve graduated and shares some top tips for success!

When you’ve completed your studies at university, got a good degree in the bag and you’re ready to take on the big wide world, there is one thing that holds the key to your success and that is proactivity. There is only one person on the planet who can build your professional profile, expand your experience and make connections with all the right people and that’s you. So we’ve put together some expert advice on how you can maximise your opportunities post-graduation and pre-employment. Continue reading

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How I got my job as community fundraiser at Marie Curie

Jess is a psychology student here at Leeds. Here she tells us about her placement in the charity sector, how she found it, and offers valuable pearls of wisdom for anyone wanting to do the same….

Jess Leak

Hi, I’m Jess and I study Psychology at the University of Leeds. I enjoyed my first 2 years of study but after some consideration realised that I may not want to go into a career specifically related to psychology. In an effort to gain some experience in an area of work outside of psychology I started applying for placements to undertake in my third year. After some consideration I decided that I wanted to focus my search on a placement within the charity sector. Continue reading

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Healthcare Science: The NHS Scientist Training Programme

Katie Bjerkan studied BSc Pharmacology at Leeds, graduating in 2015. She gained a place on the NHS STP as a Clinical Pharmaceutical Trainee immediately after her undergraduate degree.  She recently gave a talk at the University about the programme and getting in. This post is a summary of her talk and further information about the STP.

If you want to apply your scientific or technical knowledge in a healthcare setting, in a role which combines scientific or technical work with patient interaction, then a career in Healthcare Science might be for you.

What is a Healthcare Science?

Healthcare science encompasses a diverse range of scientists, engineers and professionals working in the healthcare setting whose aim is to apply scientific principles to improve health and well-being. Although they make up a relatively small proportion of the NHS workforce, healthcare scientists  are involved in about 80% of all clinical decisions. Continue reading

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