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How I got my job – Financial services, Audit at Deloitte


Source: GotCredit

Economics and Politics student Tom talks about how he landed his position in Financial Services, Audit at Deloitte.

The Role

Working in Audit in the Financial Services industry means providing advice on financial reports of banks, insurance firms and investment managers. The purpose is to inform the senior management and other stakeholders on whether the information presented in their financial information is accurate and up to date.

Deciding a career path

After finishing second year I still didn’t have any great idea of what I wanted to do after graduating. Continue reading

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Technology Jobs in Leeds: Choosing the Right Career Path for You

6406Keen to stay in Leeds? Have you considered the vibrant technology sector in and around the City? In this guest post, Mark Bradford, Marketing Executive at STEM graduates talks you through some of the key areas of the digital industry in Leeds. Whilst this post highlights technical roles, remember that these sectors will also recruit people across all areas of their businesses.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that not all roads lead to the capital, especially when considering London’s prominence as a world-leading centre for the technology sector.

Leeds however, is home to an extremely diverse digital industry, with over 45,000 inhabitants employed within the sector and a further 7.28% growth being forecast between 2013 and 2020.

If you pair this with the city’s relatively low cost of living and vibrant cultural scene (which I’m sure you’re sampling), then Leeds presents an ideal platform for graduates looking to break into the technology industry. Continue reading

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Getting into Banking and Investment

Want to get in to Investment or Banking? In this blog our Careers Consultant, Jessica Henderson, offers her advice on how to get in to this highly competitive sector.


What is it?

Banking and investment represents a large and complex sector with many different roles and functions.  To quote:
“Banking and investment is all about making money work as hard as possible: it’s invested, borrowed and loaned in a whole host of different ways”
Targetjobs, City & Finance 2013, Edition 18 (copies available in the Careers Centre)  Continue reading

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Unorthodox job-seeking strategy pays off for Leeds Graduate

You may have seen this article in Leeds Student last November about the unusual tactic Leeds Graduate Giles Metcalfe used to land his ideal job.  We wanted to know more and contacted Giles who has kindly written a guest post for us below, including his advice for current students or other graduates. Giles also blogs at Cromer Terrace.

Giles Metcalfe Continue reading

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