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5 Graduate Fears and How to Overcome Them

Whether you’ve already graduated and are struggling to find that perfect job, or if you will be graduating soon, Francesca Hooper from Inspiring Interns provides some tips on overcoming fears that can often hold graduates back.

Remember that we at the Careers Centre are here to help you with all things post-university, whether you’re a current Leeds student or if you have already graduated. See our website for full details of our support and services.

As end-of-university celebrations fizzle out, reality decides it’s time to catapult you back to Planet Earth.  You are now ready to enter the ‘real world’!

Even though the internet is riddled with horror stories about post-uni life, you mustn’t surrender to the inevitable fear.  To help you, here’s a list of the five fears haunting graduates and tips on how to combat them.

  1. It’s taking too long to find a job

For some people it can take a couple of months, for others it can stretch to ten. It doesn’t mean you’re inadequate, it’s often just a matter of chance. Continue reading

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Graduate employment prospects: High Fliers survey

You might have heard on the news recently that graduate recruitment is set to rise in 2014, and that your chance of employment after you finish your degree is the best that it has been for 4 years. This data is from the High Fliers report, and in this blog post our Careers Advisor, Laura Blackledge, explains what those figures could mean for you and your success in obtaining a graduate job.


In 2013 more than 18,000 final year students from thirty of the UK’s leading Universities chose the Times Top 100 employers. The High Fliers survey aims to explain what these most popular employers plan to do; from potential recruitment, to which universities they will target with their graduate schemes. In this post I will discuss the findings of the survey and suggest ways to use this information to increase your employability after graduation. Continue reading

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