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Leeds for Life Foundation Grants – Application support

If you have an idea for a project which will develop your skills and benefit others, the Leeds for Life Foundation could help with a cash grant to make it happen. You might want to seek out new challenges, to experience new environments and cultures, and make a positive difference to the lives of other people.  In this post, Opportunities Ambassador Bilal provides a bit more information as well as how you can access application support if you are planning on applying for the October deadline.

Every year the Leeds for Life Foundation awards grants of up to £500 for students who want to develop their skills by taking part in co- or extra-curricular projects or by planning and developing their own projects. There are 2 calls for projects each year, one in each semester. This semester’s deadline for applications is the 30th of October. Continue reading

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Enhance your skills with our fantastic project: ‘An Excuse to Breakfast’


‘An excuse to breakfast’ is your chance to create more local jobs and internships for University of Leeds students whilst developing some awesome employability skills which are massively sought after by graduate employers. You will work in a team to research the local labour market and find an industry that interests you. You will then be trained to approach organisations within that industry and invite them to a breakfast networking event. The event will be set up by yourselves (with our support and expertise) so not only will you develop great communication and interpersonal skill but you’ll also be able to demonstrate a proficiency in event management!

Here’s what some of last year’s participants said about the project:

“This opportunity has proved hugely valuable, in terms of experience and professional development. I have used this work in a subsequent interview and they were impressed! It encompasses a lot of different skills that are unobtainable solely through an academic degree. Working with like-minded people on a project such as this has built up my team work and leadership skills as well. Overall though, I have more confidence in the professional environment and a better idea of what industry sector I want to enter once I graduate.”

“I thought the opportunity was great and I really enjoyed working with Laura, Steve and all the other people who were involved in the project. I’d like to be involved with the group next year”.

“I have found a position with the National Council for Volunteer Organisations in London and am starting the job next week. I definitely found the Excuse to Breakfast project a great thing to talk about in interviews!

Interested? Check out the full details, and how to apply, on our website or email Laura l.m.d.trotter@leeds.ac.uk with any questions. The deadline is THIS FRIDAY 12th October – so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

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Autumn Career Essentials Series – Get a life……

……a Leeds Life in particular. Using the Leeds for Life web site for more than your personal tutorials can help you make a successful job application. How can this be? Simples. It has a section called “The Living CV”  which prompts you to not only record your activities whilst at University – well, not every single activity, obvs, but those you feel happy to share with your parents – it also prompts you to see what skills you have developed whilst doing them.

There are lots of opportunities – searchable by specific skill – which if you click on them will give you details about the opportunity as well as the skills you are likely to gain from getting involved. For example being a member of Action with LUU (organisation, interpersonal, empathy and motivation), becoming a staff/student committee member (time-management, communication, ability to analyse and synthesise information and views) or playing a sport (motivation, enthusiasm, self-discipline, teamwork) Continue reading

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