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My Industrial Placement Year – what new skills have I gained?

Laura Riggall recently completed an industrial placement year with GSK. In this post she outlines how the placement helped her to develop many key employability skills and experiences.

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Having recently completed an industrial placement year, I can honestly say it was a fantastic year for personal and professional development. I was based on a laboratory placement at GlaxoSmithKline within the Investigative Preclinical Toxicology (IPT) department in Safety Assessment, at GSK’s Ware R&D site in Hertfordshire, and in this post I hope to highlight to you the benefits of completing a placement year based on my own experiences Continue reading

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Where Science meets Business: Research & Development in the consumer goods industry

This is a guest post written by Oliver Moore on behalf of RB Careers. The post focuses on scientific research and development in the consumer healthcare and fast-moving consumer goods industry. Although not the focus of the post, much of what is covered could equally apply to more technical or engineering related research and development roles in this sector.


What is Research & Development and how does it relate to the consumer healthcare/ FMCG industry?

Research and development is the very start of any product lifecycle. It is used to collect information and generate knowledge through theoretical and experimental processes. Research and Development (R&D) within FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and healthcare bridges the gap between science and business and is the first step in creating new products to meet consumer needs Continue reading

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How I got my job: Industrial placement Toxicologist

Laura Riggall


My name is Laura and I am a BSc Medical Sciences student here at the university. Shortly I will begin an industrial placement year at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), where I will be based in the Investigative Preclinical Toxicology Department (IPT), and will be researching drug toxicity in relation to cancer development Continue reading


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