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How to choose a career: Tackling the “What are you doing after uni?” question

This post provides two steps that will help you consider your career interests. It focuses on what will help you decide what to do.  You may be considering other things alongside this, such as further study, self-employment, travel or something else.  For help and advice on these, take a look at our website

Over recent weeks, we’ve seen a steady stream of stressed-out finalists worried that they have no idea about what to do next.  If you’re feeling like this, the thought of the inevitable questions about your future plans from well-meaning friends and family over the holidays may be filling you with dread. It needn’t. Here we outline 2 simple things you can do to get the ball rolling with your career decisions, whilst still giving yourself time for university work  (and enjoying the festive season) over the holidays.

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Unsure what to do after uni? Quick tips to help you get started

As you approach (or if you’ve already arrived at) the end of your time at university, the question of what you do next is likely to weigh increasingly on your mind.  Having no idea about what to do next is not unusual. In this post I outline some simple things you can do to help figure it out.

Firstly (and perhaps most importantly)…

Regardless of what stage you’re at with your career planning and university career, bear this in mind:

You do not need to know or decide now exactly what it is you want to do for the rest of your life Continue reading


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