5 reasons to consider a career in the digital sector

Scarlett WilsonScarlett Wilson is a Keele University graduate and is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive for Bubble Jobs – a niche digital jobs board that specialises in advertising digital, e-commerce, media and marketing jobs. In this post she outlines how she got into the sector and some of the reasons she thinks it’s great.

When I was in my final year at Keele University I found myself a little lost – I knew I was interested in marketing because of my extra-curricular activities and work experience but I wasn’t sure of my options. I had a look around and saw that the digital industry had loads of potential – so that was the moment that I decided I wanted a digital job. Fast forward a year and here I am writing a guest blog as a Digital Marketing Executive at Bubble Jobs.

In my final year I knew very little about the digital world and I found it very daunting – loads of questions flew around my head like; “what if I’m not technical enough?” and  “what exactly is SEO?” to name a few. So I understand why you would be feeling a little bit hesitant about the whole thing –but it’s such an exciting industry to work in. In a bid to convince you too, I’ve come up with few reasons why working in digital could be a great choice for you!

The digital industry just keeps growing

If you’re looking to progress quickly within your career then the digital industry can be an amazing route to go down. Think about your experiences of technology over the past few years – the top three names I can think of are Google, Facebook and Apple.

These brands are three of the many examples of technology companies that have expanded on a huge scale.  The rise in technology has opened up a large range of digital jobs meaning that there are lots of opportunities to climb the career ladder quickly and work for some pretty cool companies along the way.

There are so many options

The digital industry is huge, which means that once you start on the digital job ladder there are lots of diverse career paths you can go down. Take a Digital Marketing Exec for instance; they can move on to lots of different routes like; copywriting, social media, PPC & web development.

So even if you start a grad job in the digital industry that you’re not happy with, there are still so many options for you. That said; make sure you don’t chop and change too much because potential employers and recruiters can find it a little off-putting if you keep moving around.

You’ll never get bored

I can personally tell you that you’ll never get bored working within the digital industry – it’s growing so quickly that there is ALWAYS something to be done. This is amazing because your days fly by and by the time you know it, the weekend’s here!  What’s more, because things change every day, you’ll constantly be learning new things and picking up new skills every day.

It’s not just for computer wizards

There’s a general assumption that digital jobs are for really techy people that are computer software pros and coding experts but this just isn’t the case. The digital industry has lots of different jobs out there that cover softer skills too – there’ll obviously be an element of technology in your job, but you don’t need to be a hard-core computer genius to get a job in the sector.

So if that’s putting you off a little then don’t let it – have a look into the job description properly before you pass it off. Also, if you’re going into a graduate position then you’ll receive training – no employer is going to expect a fresh graduate to be perfect.

Transferable skills

Before I got my digital job I presumed that I didn’t have much digital experience – but I was wrong. Growing up in the digital age meant that I had picked up skills without even realising it; I even gained digital skills from my part time shop assistant job!

Do you use Social Media? Have you written an essay? Have you had a job where you’ve needed to sell something? Using social media is a huge part of most companies’ marketing strategy now – employers are also looking for people that can write engaging content and sell a product/service on their online platforms.

Do you see how I just transferred those skills? Have a think about what you’ve done in the past and how it could relate to the digital industry – this will help your CV to stand out when you’re applying for a job.

So there we go five reasons a digital job could be the perfect choice for you – remember; it’s not quite as scary as you would first think! Not sure what jobs are available in the digital sector? We’ve got a Digital Career Portal which is packed full of advice and info on jobs in the sector!

Remember, we are here to help you with your future plans, whatever stage you’re at currently. Talk to us to get your plans moving forward.

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  1. I have been thinking about going to school to learn digital marketing, so it’s good to know there are a lot of career choices. I like your point about how the industry is continuing to grow with the rise of technology. This makes me feel much more confident about landing a job I love in the market. Thanks for sharing.

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