How To Use Social Media For Job Hunting

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Welcome to the follow up post from Cat Smith, here she gives some tips on how to make the most of social media to help with your job search.

How to use social media for job hunting

As part of my placement year, I managed the social media accounts for a site dedicated to finding and promoting the best placement and internship schemes out there. As a long time lover of Twitter and all things social I want to share with you some of my top tips on how to put the undisputed tools of the procrastination trade to good use. #Awesome!

Follow the University of Leeds Careers Centre Twitter

Go to @LeedsUniCareers. They post the latest jobs that go up on the site and promote any workshops they run. This makes it a super easy way to stay on the ball and can be the first to know about any roles which go live.

Reach out to employers on social media

I promise you they absolutely love it! Tweet them when you send your application in, engage with them when they ask questions and let them know you will come over and say ‘hi’ if they are doing an event on campus. It will not only help you to stand out of the crowd and demonstrate that you really want to work for them, but also shows you are digitally minded, something which is increasingly important.

Get your questions answered

RatemyPlacement host #PlacementChat every other Thursday from 4-5pm and get tonnes of employers online to answer your questions. Find out what they are really looking for from the people they invite to assessment centres and this can really help you tailor your applications.

Make sure to build your LinkedIn profile! 

The careers centre run workshops on how to set this up, and you will look so much more professional if you are regularly commenting and sharing relevant articles. This will help build your wider commercial awareness and provide employers with all the relevant information they need about you.

Turn your Twitter into a search engine

I love scrolling through my news feed and looking at naff celebrities as much as the next person, but there are people online reaching out all the time looking for people to join their teams. If it’s marketing you want to do search #marketing and you would be surprised at what comes up!

For Cat Smiths previous post, look for ‘top tips on how to secure a placement’

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